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Dead by Daylight 3周年凤敏皮肤设计

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  • MKSpencerMKSpencer Member 话题数:4


    This is my setting for the third anniversary of the event, the skin name is the kitten girl(Cat girl).

    The source of inspiration was the skin of the FengMin rabbit style that the production team inadvertently revealed, so I made a skin related to the cat hahaha.

    Because of the head, upper body, and lower body assembly, I counted the short sweater and its hat as the upper body, and the head had a hair style.

    This part of the tail I thought for a long time and still decided to add it, my structure is simple to explain. . . I don't know if you can't understand it. . .

    The second picture is the setting color that I made at the beginning. I originally wanted to do blue and black, but I thought about Feng Min’s initial skin is blue and black, I want to change a color, of course, the lower part of the white series. I also like the color very much. The original intention is to hide better in the game black, white can better ridicule the butcher (laugh)😂