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  • Predated

    since the post got removed, I'll have to finish it here:

    "u tell me what he could do better, because whatever he could do i would just replay with another way to avoid it. simple as that. clearly i tried to mindgame the shack in the end and dropped godpallet in a wrong way but thats because i wanted to force a way out since the gate is close, mate u sound like u have no clue about the highest ranks because u dont play there, but i do, i not just on the highest tier, im also the highest skilled on those tiers. so believe me billy nerf is bad decision, billy isnt op, hes barely balanced, and easy to loop if ur good survivor."

    I'll even give you a list of the things what the billy could have done differently:

    1. he could have used his m1 multiple times, but he was too dedicated on using his m2 for instadowns.
    2. You could hug windows because he didnt run bamboozle AND used addons that slowed down his charge time by quite a lot(the billies I face, tend to use quick charge AND bamboozle, you would have been down in the first chase).
    3. When he knew there was a pallet, and when he knew you would be able to vault, he STILL tried revving his chainsaw.

    This is exactly why overheating isnt a bad thing on Billy. He could have easily m1'd you twice in the 40 seconds he tried using an m2 on you. And yes, I could also easily keep him around a jungle gym, because, again, he had addons that make him easier to loop. I wouldnt say that billy was top tier billy. Far from the billies I faced.

    But whatever, go keep on tooting your own horn and proclaim you're top tier, when you obviously arent. MMR isnt a thing in DBD yet, so you're not on "a higher tier". If you're red rank survivor, you can face anyone from Otzdarva to my terrible huntress main friend who plays rank 5 killer. Claiming "you're in a higher tier" is 100% bullshit, and you know it. Because the evidence stacks up against you.

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    Hey @Boosted_Dwight, I have a question. How do you become a trusted member? I wanna try to become one..

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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
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    Hello mandy, can you give me the names of some of the discord staffs? Sorry to bother you

    5. Juli
    • MandyTalk
      the name of the staff member will be on your warning/ban. you'll need to open a mod mail ticket with them probably - all the information should have been on your ban notice though.
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    So why and how was the discussion deleted? They are censoring right?

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    Damn, your back!

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  • Seiko300

    It's unfortunate the thread we were talking on was deleted sometime between yesterday and today, considering it seemed we were finally reaching a resolution. I finished typing my response and found the thread to have been completely wiped, so I decided it would have been a waste of time and really unfortunate for you to not see my final statement like I saw yours before the thread was deleted.

    After you've read this you can delete it from your feed, I would hate to leave an eyesore for you to look at everytime you open up your profile. I just wanted to copy and paste this here for finality's sake:


    Fair enough. This has got to be one of the longest most drawn out conversations I've had to date.

    Concluding statements:

    I'll firmly and emphatically stand behind my original post from page 1, survivors should at all times when facing an opponent of equal skill and experience always be afraid the of the killer regardless of the numerous asymmetrical factors at play: The map selected, The Killer Chosen, The Perks, Items, and Add-ons equipped as well as the offerings played from both sides. "Afraid" in this context is not limited to the actual literal emotion of fear, but being constantly aware of an ever-present danger and threat that should come in the form of every killer. This is part of what makes Dead By Daylight fun as a horror title: the experience of a survivor constantly being on your toes looking over your shoulder, having a keen awareness of the perilous situation you're in, as well as that of a powerful killer hunting down his elusive prey with the aid of access to supernatural abilities and tools to be used to terrifying effect. A macabre game of cat and mouse.

    Yet these core concepts which make Dead By Daylight, Dead By Daylight, are tarnished when balance is unhinged to the degree that it is. When all of a sudden: it's the mouse that determines when exactly the cat is allowed to catch it, it's the mouse that decides whether or not the means by which it was caught are fair, it's the mouse who exerts more power and control over certain situations than it realistically should have.

    In this way as someone who has been playing Survivor since 2016 and is acutely aware of their capabilities and shortcomings, their current standing in comparison to their origins and where they came from. It is my personal belief that rebalancing Decisive in some way, shape, form, or fashion, whether it be in the way I described or something else is absolutely and unavoidably necessary. In this way it will address multiple problems: Refocusing and re-centering the roles of killer and survivor around the appropriate behavior and balance level they should be at, discouraging a stale and unchanging meta by nerfing the over-the-top capabilities of one of its top perks, and creating an overall healthier environment by addressing a problem that affects both balance as well as toxic players from both sides.

    In this way I resolutely believe that a change for Decisive Strike and similar changes like it which force both sides to adapt to a shifting meta of ever-changing gameplay, only ever benefits community and the long-term health of the game for both sides as Dead By Daylight continues to move upward and onward to greater success and popularity.

    5. Juli
  • HarleyQuinn

    Hey, I saw a post from like 2 years ago about a Supernatural chapter. You said they’d go bankrupt if they tried. Do you still believe that to be true or do you think they could do it now?

    5. Juli
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    Damn bruh when we getting those SFV games?

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      Yo, I suck at FGs, I just need to come to terms with that. :D