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  • The only 2 names that I really know of is @TheGannMan and @C3Tooth it'll be a very close fight between the 2. Gann sure does appear often and likes to rant about Spirit, but it just falls a tad short from the really cute art work that C3tooth puts up from time to time.
  • @TheGannMan would like a word with you. I don't play spirit but my guess is scratch marks and foliage moving around what they're using to track.
  • Plagues meme add on is surprisingly a good add on that changes how she plays. Wished other killer meme add ons were changed to provide some sort of valid play. Clowns is just meh, nothing game changing other than turning his bottles into party poppers.
  • Having both corrupt and lethal isn't that great since there's some overlapping between the two. Corrupt not only blocks the 3 gens far from you, but blocks the 3 gens that the survivors spawned right next to.
  • This is certainly one of the games hardest achievements to get. You really gotta pray and hope the stars are aligned just right. There's a very fine line between how good your team mates are and the killer. Have a gen at 99 might be even harder with that scourge hook PR, let everyone die WAIT for the hatch icon to appear…
  • Lethal on Nemesis and Legion. CI on everyone else. Something that's might be overlooked is that CI also kinda shows you where survivors spawned. Had one game as killer one of the blocked gens was very close by which shouldn't ever happen but there was a Blendett there as well.
  • Thana and Corrupt I. are the 2 best perks for her imo. Corrupt blocks 3 far gens then you start the match by vomiting on the 4 gens that aren't block. So the survivors are either forced to not even touch a gen for 1-2 min, more if you got the increase infection duration add ons or touch gens and get infected. Thana forces…
  • Should've spent more time practicing hockey so wouldn't have these mistakes in DBD.
  • You kinda answer it your self on that 5th paragraph why camping happens a lot. CoH, Dead Hard, and all the other crap killers have to put up with they feel they have to camp to have any chance. Need to give the killer a reason to not camp, by either changing things or adding something new.
  • Tea bagging and being all clicky clicky is fine imo during the game as it can be used to provoke the killer into chasing you or getting their attention and off something else. HOWEVER tea bagging and clicky clicky while you're right there at the exit imo is toxic and completely unnecessary.
  • There isn't really an answer on how to nerf Nurse without untentionally destroying her.
  • Never, it's something that can be completely ignored and it won't change anything unless survivors make it a threat. It doesn't even feel like a threat really while the secondary objects from Pig RBTs, Pinhead cube, and the zombies are forced objectives that are a real threat and can't be ignored. Yet Ringu girl secondary…
  • Oh, somewhat what Tmcalypso said. It's a bit of both some lore reasons and game play reasons. If all you do is 1hit down that's less chases, less attacks on survivors less actions overall by everyone resulting in a worse emblem score for you since the system didn't see you do much. Its an old out dated system and I doubt…
  • I'm certain it was always like that. You have to listen, the moment demo starts making its hissing sound is when you can lunge. If you try to lunge before it starts hissing it'll just cancel and it'll be a basic M1.
  • Oh punished with poor emblem score not just 1 hit killers like Myers any killer same way. Everyone killer and survivor are in trials to entertain the Entity and matches that end so fast are always boring.
  • But isn't that only during chases then goes back to default after downing and picking up the survivor since the chase was over? FoV changes something that I just can't register and not see any real difference even with M&A or shadow born.
  • 4 pallet PALLET stuns in a single game can't remember how long it took me but I only got it because a Myers just wanted a farm match.
  • It's just like a face camping Bubba if you fall victim to it there's nothing you can do yet there's really no answer that can be implemented to forcefully answer it without possibly destroying something else. The chances of it happening though are very low and killer isn't really doing anything so the other survivors…
  • There's not gonna be any sort of detail information about any fixes or security updates they've done. Any information whatsoever that they give what they have done the hackers can and will use that information to make it easier for them to hack.
  • Just submit a ticket with screen shots and move on. After that nothing more we can do and w/e the results are that's the devs to decide and it's really not a "need to know" thing for us.
  • That's the only thing that doesn't make sense to me. Haddonfield been disabled for a rework yet in the past we had multiple maps with a visual and game play rework, but those weren't disabled? So what gives?
  • I play mostly "bad" killers with Artist being the only high tier killer i enjoy playing. Legion, Doc, and Pig can be fun, but too often easily dealt with so they're most stressful than what they're worth playing. Trapper, Clown and GhostFace are the most satisfying out of the bad killers to play as. Trapper just so…
  • Bloody finger nail increases speed duration by 50%. She gets a speed boost after she teleports through a TV for a few seconds. Also when she's using her power right when she chooses to become manifested there's a few seconds when she can attack even though she still appears to be demanifested.
  • Called it out on a thread last week Spirit been messing with high voltage stuff. Maybe @TheGannMan can convince Spirit stop messing with that stuff doesn't need her hair sticking straight up all the time and maybe ask BHVR while we're at it.
  • I've played several games with her and I'm putting her IMO around C+ tier. From what I can tell the games can swing either way you either do well or get destroyed because she has nothing to help her with chases, have to play a hit and run style. She does have great map mobility though so she can do well in large maps. On…
  • Nope those are there for now on because it gives an unfair advantage for the increase FoV dirty screen stretch users. Just have to change your screen resolution to the proper size to get rid of them. No I don't what the proper size is either since I never mess with that stuff.
  • I find her a lot of fun. She has her strengths and flaws. Using the birds to cut off the others pathing or predicting paths they'll take for snipes. Huntress can land long range snipes but Artist landing double snipes at 2 targets that are completely different locations at the same time is unbelievable satisfying.
  • I think this is just only for the Ringu girl. Remember watching Otz testing her out during the PTB and someone felt like bringing one of those purple murky bottles when she goes in her spooky form the screen already dims down a little bit and with all the added smoke from the purple bottle made everything so much harder to…
  • Maybe some further tweaks with her teleport cool down and the condemn mechanic. Since the games I've played vs Ringu girl it was something I completely ignored and didn't even get past 4 condemn points.
  • Bad bed head? I kept thinking she keeps playing with something that's super high voltage how else would her hair stay up like it is. I prefer Ringu girl she's really short and gloomy makes me wanna give her head pats like some anime weeb. Spirit... she has some wild mood swings going on giving her a head pat like playing…