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  • The totems in more consistent positions is something that has been suggested a fairly large amount. Seeing as BHVR seems to be working on worthwhile changes now, and seem to be releasing more consistently fair maps/map reworks, I think it's fairly likely that they will improve the totem placement in the game to fit the…
  • Honestly, I don't know. However, the totems idea I posted here was also meant to be a possible idea for if they ever looked at the base gameplay elements, which totems are. Overall, I'm just happy if they figure out a way to balance the game with overall mechanics that are a bit more dynamic and less "sit at an object for…
  • I don’t know that your fully understanding the idea. Not all perks will have 3 lives, the hex perks are likely not going to have more than one unless they’re really weak in effect. Ruin will still only be around for one totem cleanse. As totem cleansing takes a fair amount of time. Hex perks are more likely to have fewer…
  • ^-^ Glad to hear you like the idea. And honestly, I had been thinking about the whole boon situation for a while before posting this idea. I've developed a bit of a habit to look for any ways I feel could improve the games I play, since I'm working towards being a game dev myself. And obviously it's not a perfect idea, if…
  • You wouldn't be able to bless a hex totem directly. However, you can bless a dormant totem. To bless a totem you'd first have to do a cleansing action on a hex totem, which would work only if the hex has multiple charges. You would also be able to tell if a hex has multiple lives based on the number of skulls that are…
  • Honestly, I agree that those areas need changes, though, I don't know if I fully agree with all the changes you proposed. I do like the idea for the BFFS addon, since 30 tokens seems to be something that'd take a majority of the game anyways, and the limit placed on the addon for endgame seems a bit like an overstretched…