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  • Daily rituals give people a reason to play someone that they normally don't play, but I do agree that they should even out the distribution between survivor or killer ones. It seems like I only get killer when I do a lot of survivor and then I only get survivor when I play a lot of killer
  • I think either 60 or 80 would be fine for DH at max level. I feel that 90 is going to far. 80 would be alright because that would be the timeframe of a solo gen giving them still a chance to run but not guaranteed escape
  • More like 70$-80$ with the sale going on (49.99 cell pack and 19.99 pack) and it might be less considering I was counting all of the outfits (some you might have)
  • 1. Borrowed time is basically the unhooking timer that you are suggesting 2. The hatch system already got a rework to prevent this kind of game play from happening 3. There shouldn't be a timer on the game because a match can go anywhere between 1minute to 30minutes and it would be unfair to the survivor side especially…
  • I get that a lot of these perks could be looked at and changed, buffed, or reworked. I notice some of these perks that are strong already would be broken or some perks that the reworks are so over the top that it would enforce certain meta survivor perks to be used more than they already are
  • Um no most of these perks don't even need to be touched but a lot of these fan reworks would make the game extremely unbalanced
  • I honestly forgot the reasoning it was a long time ago when they said something about it and I don't want to go looking for it
  • Yeah but I feel bad that they are losing an event cake because I tried to make a flashbang at the same time they tried to open my locker. I don't care about the d/c penalty I just felt bad that someone is basically losing an event exclusive item because of it
  • I mean I get it and I think the cap should be increased, but the developers did say why they didn't want to increase or remove the cap before
  • Yeah but I think they are getting 0 bp because they might have to d/c from a glitch where they couldn't open my locker and I couldn't escape my locker
  • I believe it was so you couldn't just p3 a new character
  • I think they plan to tell us what happened to the kids in the new tv series
    in New killer Kommentar von Jeromy137 Oktober 2021
  • That is actually incorrect Chucky's kid had two souls a daughter and a son that is why you see Tiffany with two kids at the end they had twins but they were both in 1 body
    in New killer Kommentar von Jeromy137 Oktober 2021
  • Seed is cannon how else did Tiffany get a new human body Chucky killed his two kids Edit: well they make it seem like he killed his two kids at the end of seed
    in New killer Kommentar von Jeromy137 Oktober 2021
  • True this should be in the more appropriate section of the forums but it also good to have it in discussion because more people pay attention to the discussion page and that will help others so that they can try to avoid it themselves.
  • Basically Dead hard is supposed to be a small boost of adrenaline that makes you dart out of the way. I think dead hard is fine how it is but should make small adjustments like shouldn't be able to dead hard over a trap. I can understand that people don't like it when they see a hatchet or other ranged abilities not…
  • Well I think bricking a system is rare only times I hear about it is usually a really old system a poorly made game or a hacker got involved. Back in like 2018 I think Playstation messages getting a pm on PlayStation could brick your system because people were putting in coded messages but there was a way to work around it…
  • Not saying you can't I'm just saying that Ps5 crossplay off takes a lot longer because ps5 player base is small where as the PS4 player base is larger and that the spaghetti code thinks we are sometimes not crossplayable when playing with friends
  • Not entirely true about hacking being the least likely a few years back on consoles (not dbd) we had to turn off messaging from public people because people were coding the messages to brick your system until you used the app to delete that message
  • I have been playing on PS5 and when I host with crossplay off with friends we don't get any lobbies but when a PS4 friend hosts with crossplay off we get a lobby instantly
  • Yeah pretty much this I'm on PS5 and only get games if a PS4 friend is the host of the lobby
  • Pretty much this it makes their console into a paperweight
  • Oh thought being on hook would count as not surviving for some odd reason
  • Also if you are not hooked but are being chased or the pigs reverse trap is on your head if the other survivors leave while you are still alive will count towards this
  • Hex:plaything and noed idk if there are any other perks that turns a dull totems into a hex totems if you felt like going for hooks and not going for the boon totem which can be snuffed out in 2 seconds because boons are considered dull if you do not have enough dull totems for those perks to activate excluding those boons
  • The penalty is that you are spending a lot of time placing a boon when you could be doing a generator or distracting the killer. Also any hex that activated at the end of the trial can overwrite the boon totems like noed
  • Survivors already have to many perks that deactivate after one use... I don't think boon totems need to be a once use and done besides you guys snuff it out less than 2 seconds while it takes us 14-24 seconds just to place a boon time not spent doing the main task for survivors. I do think they should rework certain hex…
  • Did you try unplugging and plugging it back in? It isn't the same as what you went through but back around March the PS5 wouldn't work if you put it into sleep mode during certain circumstances and had to unplug it and plug it back In to get it to work
  • If I am in an exit gate it is more of me trying to make sure others get out or if I need to go for a hook or you know a stupid tome challenges where other survivors have to escape before you
  • The basement window is rng