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  • BBQ, Ruin, Surveillance and Starstruck was my go-to build for the longest time. It made games very easy for the most part since I could drop chases to defend generators, not to mention making the early-game significantly easier.
  • Surveillance + Ruin used to be an even better combo at some point before the loss of the stranger things license. I don't remember specifically when it got fixed but with Ruin active, Surveillance would show all generators as regressing. When survivors touched a gen, that gen would be highlighted. It was like having Lethal…
  • Hexes are designed to be strong perks that can be destroyed, while boons are designed to be buffs that can be snuffed to create slowdown. A survivor blessing totems is a survivor not on a generator. That's why hexes should remain gone once broken. Do hexes deserve love? Yes, just not in that specific form.
  • Basekit Nurse is fine. Her add-ons could use a nerf.
  • Don't make me dig up a quote from @jesterkind on why hexes and boons are not the same thing.
  • Your job as killer is to kill the survivors, not torment/bully them. But hey, if you want to throw the game by camping the first survivor you catch, you do you buddy. A good team of survivors will smash out those gens while you're wasting time not pressuring the other survivors.
  • As a console player who went through three controllers in 6 months, I vastly prefer the new wiggle system. They could remove the volume or lower it on the missed skill checks though.
  • Base DS wouldn't deserve to be changed to deactivate upon entering a locker. A survivor trying to preserve their DS is a survivor not progressing the game. I'd like to see base kindred (reduce killer aura read to 3 meters), base BBQ, NOED Rework, incentives for players to not tunnel/camp, swamp rework, timed effects for…
  • Nobody takes those people seriously, and they don't represent the majority. Yes, the onus of survivor fun does indeed rest on the devs. I'm not suggesting killers ease up or anything of the sort. People should play the way they want to play, but if their playstyle happens to create an overall unenjoyable experience then…
  • Definitely upset that Kate isn't getting a mask but Ace and Dwight are, alongside characters who constantly get new cosmetics. I very much doubt that there'll be a second masquerade event where they do another set of characters since that would diminish the point of the masks being more special than generic anniversary…
  • Please, don't exaggerate like that. Nobody actually expects that of the killer. The problem with being tunneled out of the game, especially early, is that it's just not fun. It's not worth queuing up and it's not worth waiting. It happening once is easy to brush off. It happening upwards of 10 games in a row? Not so easy…
  • Sure, but that doesn't mean it isn't a problem. BT being basekit won't change that. Even DS being basekit wouldn't change that. The only thing that would change that is providing the killer with an incentive to not tunnel.
  • If the killer wants you out of the game, BT isn't going to stop them and neither is decisive.
  • Oh, well that makes sense then.
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  • Both 2017 and 2018 were skipped for survivor, while 2019 got two survivor masks. Ace and Dwight released in 2016, while Jane and Yui were released in 2019. I'm disappointed that Kate and Feng aren't getting masks. The masks are really nice, but since I don't play any of the killers that are getting masks, and I don't play…
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  • Masquerades are anything but sketchy underground places. They were basically fancy costume parties for the wealthy. That aside, I love the look of the masks but I am disappointed with the survivor choices. Especially since it's not just Dwight and Ace who released in the same year, it's also Yui and Jane. Only Mikaela and…
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  • To be fair, Decisive needed to be nerfed. Players could progress the game and then DS you even when you weren't tunneling them. In regards to CoH, it did need to be nerfed. Maybe not quite as heavily as it has been, but it definitely wasn't healthy for the game in its original state.
  • Killers stop playing because of the imbalances between roles. When solo queue is brought up to the level of SWF, the bar can safely be lowered without punishing solo queue. Nobody wants to play against SWF. Making SWF optional for killers will just make solo queue even worse, and make the players who want to play together…
  • That wouldn't really be a solution so much as it would be a bandaid. The only way to address SWF is to bring Solo Queue up to the level of SWF and then reduce the power of the survivor role from there.
  • This argument has come up several times. If SWF is so powerful, but solo queue is so weak, then what would happen if you could choose to not play against SWF? Nobody would play against SWF. Those survivors would then stop playing, and move on to greener pastures. Solo queue needs to first be brought up to the level of SWF,…
  • Yeah, they talked about that during the fifth anniversary stream. This past year definitely went by fast. It's hard to believe we're coming up on the sixth anniversary and they haven't even managed to fulfill the roadmap they laid out in the fifth anniversary. They talked about stomping as many bugs as possible and looking…
  • We're going into the sixth anniversary and they still haven't done all the stuff they said they were going to do from the fifth anniversary. Remember how Mori's were meant to become part of the base game experience that you had to earn instead of it being an offering and just tunneling for the mori?
  • While you technically can do this, the problem is that you won't find a match after hours of waiting. The reason is because turning crossplay off means you will only be matched with players on your platform who have also turned crossplay off. You can't match with same platform players who have crossplay on.
  • You don't have to play nice or pretend to be a baby killer. Mistakes should be punished. Ignore post-game chat. BT Bodyblocker? Just hit them as soon as they're off hook. On the off-chance a survivor doesn't have BT, just slug them. Free pressure. A survivor has to get off a gen, heal the slug from dying to injured and…
  • Nobody will say tunneling efficiently means ignoring the macro state of the match, because that wouldn't be efficient. My point was that the statement that tunneling is efficient is usually taken quite literally, and people aren't really thinking about when it stops being efficient. So many matches where the killer tries…
  • I feel like everyone naturally assumes tunneling is the most efficient strategy because their favourite streamer does it. Tunneling is boring, but it can also be a double-edged sword. Sure, you'll guarantee yourself a 1k by EGC, but you'll lose all five gens and the exit gate by fixating on a single survivor. If you don't…
  • Legion isn't OP. Legion is still very mediocre in terms of power. That being said, Legion is boring to play against. Not because survs want to just sit on gens and ignore Frenzy, but because constantly having to mend, and then heal because just about every Legion main runs Thanataphobia, is boring. To put it simply, it…
  • Mending once here and there is fine. Mending the entire trial is, obviously, not fine. With Legion's Frenzy, it's a constant cycle of mending.
  • What, specifically, do you mean by "took away what made her kit unique"? As I understand it, aside from add-ons, the only thing Spirit lost was the stand-still mindgame.
  • I mean, it seems a bit odd for a killer to go out of their way to wait out the BT just to slug the survivor. I do understand just slugging a freshly unhooked survivor though, since I do that whenever I play killer.