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  • Some skill ? Yes hiding in the corner with spin chill by the gate as killer does hatch to then do the stupidly short 20 seconds power to then tag out is skill..... I thinck if hatch is done before gens the survivor should die end off, you faild your gens, you faild as everyone's dead, and you faild to find your hatch…
  • Let me get this right, you want to give survivors the meta perks as base kit then buff then further by taking another 4 perks, how strong you want survivors to be ? This game needs to go the other way, needs to make survivors strong WHEN they work TOGETHER not apart I.e a finely tuned sabo squad is savage, killer now isn't…
  • The condemnd just be when yr holding the tape to shut down a TV for ever say 30-60 seconds, but tbh the thing is so weak and useless I forgot it even existed Be better if it increased by looking at a TV or something defo needs a fix
  • Like how my post went form her height to self promo and sadako tier list.........
  • TV should be placed as follows 1 at each exit gate 1 in shack 1 facing each gen Then couple random People argu this be op..... you can litterly turn then off and she can use them like once every 60 seconds...... least thell be usable usable the 2-3 times they are a match Only other way is half the timer but keep them as…
  • Cus she is under tuned, my biggest gripe is the stupid head of her camera its to low at times I can't see #########
  • I love sadako not the strongest or weakest killer, but be great if can raise her first person POV camera which wouldn't effect her from survivors perspective. Reason being sometimes you just can't see anything, especally in grass or in loops over obsticals where survivors can still see and you can't as they got a slight…