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  • Don't bring logic into an argument when a survivor staring a generator can somehow have 360° vision.
  • Against a SWF, he's mid-low tier thanks to VoIP. Against solos, he's pretty balanced. Let's see this "stream proof" you claim to have. Or are you afraid that it will confirm what everyone already thinks - you're just bad at survivor?
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done it already, even with upwards of 10min queue times, playing solely GF since I bought him. I still have 20+ cakes left to use to farm up BP to spend on survivors (though I have no intention of doing so).The event was plenty long enough with enough people popping cakes to get one…
  • You clearly weren't following the rules. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/58100/the-official-rules-for-killers-ordained-by-survivors
  • So, what people are already doing and have been doing for literally years now?
  • This only applies if the survivor is visible. If they break your NS behind a wall, it doesn't show the orange blip, which honestly is ######### bullshit and another way SWF are just bullying the killer. But hey, he needs to be nerfed, right?
  • He'll be low tier, just like the rest of the M1 killers (Myers, Wraith, Pig, etc.). At least in my games, people are already learning to abuse the detection perks to cancel NS, and if not that then they're grouped in 2 to make sure someone is always staring during chases.
  • Against a 3-4 SWF, yep, you're lucky to get 1 kill thanks, yet again, to VoIP. Dodge every SWF lobby. You'll find that your games will drastically improve when they can't easily coordinate to ######### you on your NS on cast and tell each other where you're going and from where.
  • Play as 3-4 SWF Announce where he's going and from where over VoIP Always be paired up if possible so you can screw him out of his NS as soon as it's cast Loop Drop Pallet Finish Gens Teabag in exits Same as every other M1 killer.
  • Hell no, there should be 2x BP every new character release to make up for the absolutely insane amount of BP it takes to P3-50 said character with the perks you actually want.
  • Staring at him doesn't instantly kill his NS anymore, thank deity. He's already pretty much useless against a competent SWF, being able to instantly deny his power was ridiculous. If his expose went off while you were staring at him, it means your meter was near full and he got it off before you canceled his NS. Working as…
  • Given that the majority of the playerbase are survivors, this would be a terrible idea. They would just keep voting out any killer that is more than a M1 spammer, over 50 move speed, and isn't automatically stunned when entering a pallet's area before the pallet is even dropped (and subsequently stunned again when it is).…
  • Short Answer Survivor: Escape Killer: 4 kills Long Answer Survivor: The objective is to escape. Failing to complete the objective is a loss. Killer: There are 4 survivors and the objective is to kill all of them, not some. Failing to complete the objective is a loss. Any self designated "goals" or "win conditions" are not…
  • 2 Words: Herd Mentality
  • You are clearly playing wrong. And if you get too frustrated, just take the official BHVR advice:
  • True, but it's still not as common as people think it is. And again, all these were simultaneous, which is not gonna happen when 1 person "pulls the plug", which completely invalidates that.
  • Asides for the already mentioned change of last survivor, the hatch will still spawn under the same usual conditions. Gens complete = alive survivors + 1 = hatch spawn
  • You can not buy it all you want, but realize that the experience is vastly different between survivor and killer. This is gonna be a long one, bear with me because it requires a lot of explaining since people who don't suffer this issues don't know what to look for. Hell, even people who do don't know. When playing…
  • It's not a matter of luck. As I said, there are a shitload of other players complaining about people "DCing against them every game", most of them don't even know about the IDC issues that popped up back in March. In my case, everything was fine up until the Plague patch back in March. Since her release day, this has been…
  • 1 person pulling a cord doesn't cause 1+ other people to disconnect in a simultaneous fashion. The true over-exaggeration is the likeliness of someone actually getting up just to unplug their cable to exit a match. I'd wager that about 99% of DCs are NOT someone wasting the time and effort to pull their ethernet.
  • Not everything is handed to you, it must be earned. We live in an age of participation trophies, and I'm willing to bet that the majority of the whiners have one on their shelf somewhere. Taking that into consideration, it's self explanatory at that point.
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  • Make sure you follow the rules, that's it.
    in Killer Tips Kommentar von Sythalin Mai 2019
  • The argument is countered by one simple fact: Players are playing for THEIR enjoyment, not to make sure everyone else is being entertained. It also says it right in the game's description that you can team up or go solo, thus there is no obligation or requirement to care about your "teammates". I don't support DCing, but…
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  • Not sorry, but I definitely read this as a "anti-abortion" argument: Abortion just because you don't want to have the kid is unacceptable period. Whether its #########, incest, broke condom, failed vasectomy, whatever. Unless it's life threatening, don't get pregnant if you're gonna abort it
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  • Given that 95% of my DCs are involuntary, this is concerning. OP, involuntary DCs have been affecting a LOT of people for several patches now, but don't worry, they're "looking into it" for 2 months now (aka just brushing it under the rug until dedicated).
    in I'm Done. Kommentar von Sythalin Mai 2019
  • Reshade. Adjust so Blendette pops out. Problem solved. /closethread
  • Better advice: Don't give "noob" advice when you yourself are a noob.