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  • Lol that's fair enough. Sounds like a challenge that requires survivors to screw up quite a bit as well though. Glad I never bothered with that one.
  • Really? That seems weird, since 75% of 50% is 150%. I guess it depends on what value they will actually add to the 50% healing speed of the self healing speed. I hope it would be 50%, that would be fitting to the idea that you can heal yourself at 75% the normal healing speed. But if it's just a 75% healing speed boost to…
  • it's definitely going to be a nice little nerf that CoH is getting, it won't be completely unnoticeable. Question is just whether it's going to be enough, but CoH shouldn't fall out of the meta either. We need more meta perks, not less.
  • It really seems like people like to use the argument that a certain killer needs almost 0 skill or brain power when they don't like going against them. To be fair, Legion's power really isn't hard to pull off though. But I don't see how Pinhead's Engineer's Fang is worse than that? Because with Pinhead you actually have to…
  • So wait, the self heal speed works like this, right: It's 50% healing speed, but then there's a 100% speed boost added to that. So instead of 32 seconds, it takes 16 seconds. Decreasing it down to 75% healing speed means it should now give you 50% bonus healing speed on top of the 50% healing speed normally. However,…
  • I mean CoH did. But that's pretty much it. So I would hope to see this perk not be overnerfed where it's not worth picking anymore compared to other meta perks.
  • Considering the game's player count though, I think even killers with a low pick rate probably still have a solid sample size, one that is at least decently accurate. Twins might be the only exception, because 1.15% is very low, but even then, it's probably not that low either. On steam, the average player count is 40K at…
  • If the self heal is 75%, then I believe it will now take 8 seconds more than it used to, going up to 24 seconds. I really don't want them to make CoH bad, it's like the only new survivor perk to shake up the meta. It would be a shame if that one perk would also fall out of the meta again. So them carefully nerfing CoH is a…
  • They did good work with other killers though, like Leatherface or Doctor, which became stronger and arguably better to play. Or Freddy, though many seem to consider him more boring now.
  • Exacty. And slapping voice comms onto this game and calling it a day, so they can then balance killers around swf, would make the experience for solo players that don't want to use voice comms just worse. The best way to balance this game in a better way is to give solo survivors information that swf have as well.
  • People have good reasons as to why they don't want voice comms in this game, or at least don't think it's the solution to the game's balancing problems. If BHVR just slapped on voice comms for DBD, and then balanced the game around that communication, then anyone who wouldn't want to use these voice comms would put…
  • Meh I enjoy going against him, he is harder to counterplay at loops than the majority of killer but he certainly does have counterplay, although less than most killers. I wish i would go against him more often. No idea why you are going against him so often. I dont see him too often and didn‘t think he was so popular. Has…
  • I really hope Elden Ring will acually decrease the player count of this game. The fact that CoH still isn't getting nerfed is mind-boggling to me. Definitely a reason to take a break from this game. But we'll see. The balancing of this patch is just so questionable.
  • That I kind of disagree with. Neither Shadow Step nor Exponential seem op to me. It's just Circle of Healing. That perk needs it's own nerf. The cap itself wouldn't be enough though. 100% self healing speed and 100% increased healing speed of others is just too much.
  • Dead Hard is mentioned as well in this post. And no, DS and Borrowed Time aren't just second chance perks. In many scenarios, they are the only perks for the hooked survivor to actually get a chance of escape in the first place.
  • Yeah that would probably not work too well, make the perk widely inconsistent. Artist is also honestly the only killer I can think of that could make good use of the perk while camping, or at least proxy camping, so it would be a shame to have to nerf this perk that might actually finally be good because of one killer. But…
  • Yeah we'll have to see, but since it is permenant, it will still see it's use. I doubt there is any survivor team that can go without ever hitting a great skill check. And 10 seconds of aura reading on the survivor sounds great. My only concern is that if a survivor team realises that the killer has Gearhead, and they are…
  • NOED might not be broken, but it's not a good or healthy design.
  • Wait, you think NOED is a problem and CoH and Dead Hard aren't?
  • I understand the nerf to Marvin's Blood, but not the nerf to Mikhail's eye. It's a shame they didn't buff any of his other addons except his iri addons, but at least those got a nice buff. 2,5 M/S will surely be good. But that just makes me question the nerf to Mikhail's eye even more.
  • But it only works on great skill checks now, right? Or am I misunderstanding it? Could still end up being good though. Surely everyone hits a great skill checks every once in a while.
  • Ok thanks for the clarification.
  • Lmao let's wait and see. More meta perks are always a good thing. Maybe they could come up with another sort of condition if it proves to be too problematic. Like having to be in a certain range of the gen as killer in order for it to get blocked. But then low mobility killers would probably not get any use out of the perk.
  • People disagreeing with each other, or more extremely, calling each other names isn't a phenomenon exclusive to DBD or these forums. Nor is this something new with this forum. Every update that has noticeable balance changes, some people will complain about certain changes and others will complain about people complaining…
  • I agree with that, the nerf to Marvin's Blood is fine. But Mikhail's Eye? That one doesn't make any sense to me.
  • There's still the possibility it will be nerfed and just wasn't mentioned. However, yes, complaints about CoH are more than understandable. It's a busted perk that takes way too much pressure from the killer away. It's ridiculous. However, crying like an 8 year old and acting like BHVR only makes changes that pleases…
  • Some of his addons need to be toned down a bit. That's it. Blight at base is not op, he is arguably the most balanced killer in the game for high level play.
  • Some changes I get, but I agree, others don't make sense at all. Like the Mikhail's eye nerf. Is it so hard for them to understand that most of Nemesis addons are just bad? And especially after they buffed his red addon that now increases zombie movement speed by 150%, the nerf to Mikhail's eye makes zero sense to me.…
  • I really hope they don't nerf the duration of Dead Man's Switch, then it would definitely actually be a good perk. Really excited to test that perk. I also didn't think of that combo yet, could be pretty strong. Hope it won't need a nerf.
  • That first sentence of yours already makes 0 sense. If they wanted to hand hold potato survivors, why nerf killers so they don't compete at the highest level? Pretty sure potato survivors don't play there. Camping and tunneling are two of the biggest problems for less experienced survivor players. Nothing has been done…