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  • I get some games back to back with no problems and then the infinite load screen stuff kicks in. Spent an hour loading the game, getting a lobby and the infinite load screen. Rinse and repeat. Cross play on, ps4 and pc team. Most times it takes off the challenge I'm doing also. Many seeds lost, had double figures and had…
  • After the mini update yesterday I was able to get into games with no problems on ps4 while playing with friends on pc. Today however we keep getting the infinite load screen, followed by not able to even get into a team together. When we did finally get into a team and got into a lobby a error occurred each time and are…
  • This was on ps4 btw.
  • You say survivors should have a penalty but not killers because you want to try different builds, what about survivors that want to try a different build? Just don't dc, is a crappy thing to do for everyone that has had to wait for the game. Try your build for the game and have fun with it. Its not just about you, there…
  • It has been really bad on ps4 since nemesis came out. Has been slightly better on other killers but often any killer interaction gives massive lag spikes. When I have used dead hard for distance, I have ended up behind the killer chasing them........... Is crazy bad right now.
  • The game right now on ps4 is not very good to play. While in chase it lags out and you lose distance and then when you use dead hard, you end up in a worse position. So many game breaking bugs. Mostly in chase or near the killer but also massive lag spikes when the killer is at the other end of the map. What a shame.
  • Hey. I remember when I first started playing and it was all new and I had no idea what the perks did, what killer powers did or what a good way to play was and could barely hit a skill check. So there was lots more stealth play and the hole thing was more scary. The more you play the less scary things are and you get used…
  • It is a tricky one but I got it done by letting the full animation finish before moving. I read also that not have any obstacles in the way helped. Did seem like I had to let the killer get some very easy hits so I could get this challenge done though :(
  • It is frustrating to be camped and tunnelled but it happens. Dont stress over things that are out of your control. People play how they want, is the job of the killer to kill. If it gets too much then play a different game for a few days or so and then come back. Is what I do when I have been against sweaty killers back to…
  • I have done this when I have a challenge but only if I have the gloves addon so the killer doesn't get notified. What gets me is when you are on a gen and another survivor comes by and fast vaults when not in chase and the killer comes and gets you off the gen. I thought it was 4v1....
  • I am having the same problem. Have lost nearly 3 ranks today.
  • If it's so boring to play then go do something else. You say about survivors having all these perks and forget that killers have the same amount of perk slots and also have weapons........ just because it takes a little longer to kill really isnt the end of the world. I play killer and survivor and what you are complaining…
  • Why is this even a thread?
  • This has happened to me on ps4 and switch. Has been on the auto heaven map each time for me. Once I was able to free myself after a very long time of being stuck by running and changing direction lots. Possibly had nothing to do with me being able to free myself though.
    in Hill bug Kommentar von funkymonkey August 2020
  • Haha. Love it and yes I agree. I worked in retail for a long time and I would have loved that rule!!! On a serious note,I know it can be a let down when something you are really into just isnt doing quite what it should but I'm sure they are doing all they can to sort any issues so we are enjoying ourselves and also so…
  • The thing that gets me is that we had warning that match making will be a bit rough until it settles down but still people complain. Someone wrote about how the makers dont care for the game or the people playing it and are money grabbers and that the core team should be let go for other people..... very strange and I…
  • As far as I knew it was to make sure everyone gets out that can and to also give some points to the killer. Is one thing if they are lined up flash lighting you but if not, just slap them out the game and take the extra blood points. Everything doesn't need to be taken so personal. It's a game after all
  • I think there is a bug that sometimes pops up and no perks are shown on that end screen. They have perks etc but nothing is shown. Possibly that has happened there? I have seen it lots if times
  • I have the same issue. Been playing 3 weeks or so and I'm against rank 1 killers. I am ranked 4 but feel I ranked up too quickly as I'm still getting used to killers, maps and strategies. I have been messaged with abuse for not being upto par with people that have been playing years which is off putting really. I'm not…
  • As a new player of about 3 weeks, I like to play sneaky as a survivor but I'm always looking for gens and completing them. I'm not great at looping so I sneak about. Players that hide and do nothing is just a waste of everyone's time. Dont see the point of it. I dont see a problem in being sneaky so long as you are being…