The PTB has been re-enabled. To those affected, we'll be sending out a large sum of Bloodpoints shortly for you to spend as you please. These Bloodpoints do not transfer back to the Live version of the game.

Your Live progress has not been affected by what happens on the PTB.




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  • I hope this signals a greater change to some status effects and perks. Namely Hemorrhage. It's honestly worthless as an effect. IMO Hemorrhage should make blood glow like Bloodhound. That would make it INCREDIBLY useful. Then change Bloodhound to just say "Inflict Hemorrhage on up to 2/3/4 survivors at one time" and then…
  • I now have cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Yes but there are situations where the killer NEEDS to slug you but can't because you have No Mither. You force them to take your hook, which in the example I provided means you can use NM to sponge hits for other survivors and force the killer to chose to kill you or lose pressure on them. The best time to do this is when…
  • The major reason to run NM is to be injured from the start of the game. It's the only way to proc Resil or have Dead Hard available without first being chased by the killer. Also the Broken sign is there to tell there killer they cannot ever slug you. What this means is that it's harder for the killer to gain pressure on…
  • This is actually a good idea. Although we do need them to remove the injured music. I'd also take some kind of increased BP earn rate, similar to Distressing for killers (and NOT like BBQ/WGLF which are post trial boosts).
  • Short version: Play 1000 hours of killer and be efficient in your BP spending and you won't need BP anymore. Unless you wanna go play survivor.
  • The value in Furtive Chase is more for the switching of obsessions. I guess if you are a killer with an already smaller TR (Myers, Hag, Slinger) then it would benefit you. It's almost like a reverse M&A.
  • I mean don't lie, you know if you had a bunch of bad games and suddenly see someone with No Mither 1 and some random crappy build that you wouldn't dodge too. Again if you are legit fine with whatever people run then you wouldn't need to see their build in the first place. I would be okay with the game telling you more…
  • Anything that directly affects gameplay is a no no. Slowing down repair times isn't necessarily fair since you are now changing the dynamic of the game. People would start to solo que and try to find each other in a lobby we want to avoid that as much as possible. Simple stuff like putting limits how much a SWF can…
  • If you say so. Doesn't change the fact the people will 100% dodge if they could see your perks.
  • "Killer doesn't have time to wait around" which the survivors take advantage of and there is nothing wrong with that. If you ignore people you recently saved and focus on the other survivors, or slug them, or eat the DS early then you are taking that advantage away. So what if they have UB, if they have to use it then let…
  • Do you... play at red ranks? They totally do.
  • Then why you picking him up right away? Like really if you get DS'ed here it's your own fault. You know full well you hooked this guy recently but pick him up like a bot. Just slug him, if this is the situation then his DS will be up before he can use UB.
  • How it should be used and how it is used are two totally separate things. Using this perk at a high level in the way it is almost always used is throwing the game. Period end of story.
  • Why are you chasing that guy though? Go for someone you can hook. Not tunneling though, right?
  • The counter play is don't fall for the obvious bait, or eat the DS early, or slug. I play several killers at rank 1 and it's honestly not that difficult to play around. ######### it, set a clock on your desk if you really can't count to 60. Pay the ######### attention to when you last hooked someone. If you're "not…
  • Yes any survivor should just be scared of the killer to the point they always run clear across the map to Self Care so as to waste as much time as possible. The entire point of doing stuff like this with DS is to pressure the killer, or to prevent the killer from gaining more pressure. Having the guy with DS do a gen or a…
  • "Crouching with Urban is equivalent in speed to walking but stealthier, remember, so there is no reason to walk when you're running Urban. " There is no reason to use Urban if you can do the same thing by walking. Which yes you can I do it all the time. It makes no sense to waste a perk slot to do something you can already…
  • "When the killer is close" does not mean 32m. People that run Urban will hide at the slightest hint of the killer. So yes it's throwing when you are hiding when the killer is not even aware you are around. If you know how to play this game you can 100% evade the killer in close range without needing to crouch. Walking is…
  • ######### that. My ass is running through that cloud. Less of a chance to get hit AND I'm in a safe place whether or not I do. And if I have Dead Hard then I can take that risk easily while injured, unless they didn't change his exhaust add-ons at all (which I doubt they are honestly stupid). Like explain what would be the…
  • Yea I don't get this logic either. I'm 100% going to run to the area with a pallet and not a ######### dead zone. What survivor would ever choose to run a dead zone? Sure you get 10% movement speed but so does he so the effect is basically moot, you're literally just running to a dead zone and giving him a free hit. I'll…
  • If you have Sprint Burst you can use it to save me faster. Not to mention you're less likely to just hide and not move since you have an easy escape if the killer finds you. Urban does mean crouch walking everywhere. I literally never see someone with this perk that doesn't do exactly this. Every single time I see this…
  • I mean when you can wafflestomp 95% of killers in a 4 man with no perks, I wouldn't considering a limit of perks instances "punishing someone". All it means is you can't all run DS, which yes means all the killer has to do is realize you are a SWF and then they know to eat a DS and be done. But they have no way to REALLY…
  • Oh, well he has a trenchcoat LOL.
  • If you have a friend name Theodore you can tell him... "They fixed Fixated, Ted!"
  • Impose limits on SWF. For example, any size SWF can only have 1 instance of a perk. Therefore only 1 DS, 1 UB, 1 Dead Hard, etc. If you solo this wouldn't effect you. What this does is encourage team builds over everyone just running the best meta. IMO you guys should try playing in a DBD tournament or at least watching…
  • Adam would probably act more like a lone wolf. He's a detective right? So he would do his own thing and probably not care if others follow him. Dwight is more of a leader because he seems like the type of person that would think before acting and then make the safest choice.
  • Force people to play both sides regularly. This would solve a LOT of problems.
  • You get WAY more value from Spine Chill or just good awareness and walking away. Urban is a waste of a perk slot and encourages people to play slow, thereby throwing the game. That time you spent using Urban to evade the killer and hiding could have been used to just run to another gen instead.
  • If you are crouch walking everywhere you are wasting time. Literally the only time Urban has a use is against a Hag. Every other time it's worthless, and everyone that runs this perk will crouch walk EVERYWHERE and hide if they even hear a heartbeat. They don't rush gens or saves, you get to second stage or die on first…