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Archive rewards and challenges

Am I the only person who finds the rewards for these challenges to be super low? Like there’s a challenge to heal other people for 4 full health states, and it rewards 15K BP, meanwhile the daily version only needs 3 health states and rewards 30K BP.... What? What kind of logic is that? More work for less points? Umm ok. Don’t even get me started on the high level challenges that are all impossible without farming/boosting groups and promote massive toxicity. These need to be changed or addressed sooner rather then later, this feature was very exciting for most but now that we’ve got it, most predict it will ruin this game for quite a while.


  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864

    But it gives you those blue springs to go further in the Battle Pass, maybe for me, but they're fine and fun to do

  • Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 260

    They won’t be ‘fine and fun to do’ when we get to later challenges? Have you even seen them? Fully repair 4 gens of progress in the same trial? So you have to fully solo 4 gens. Sacrifice all 4 survivors in the basement? So basement camp and pray nobody DC’s. Safely unhook 3 people during EGC? WTF?!

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864

    I know, I'm just talking about the ones released by now, I'm pretty sure the others are gonna get changed, have you seen all the threads in the forums and Twitter about them?

  • Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 260

    Is that supposed to inspire confidence that changes will happen? Lol. This is DBD, I have never once in 3 years of playing seen something be changed when the forums are flooded with feedback about it. It doesn’t happen. These challenges will 100% go through Mark my words.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864


    1. Nurse nerfed
    2. Insta heals nerfed
    3. Freddy rework
    4. Hatch spawn
    5. End game rework
    6. The postponed Halloween event now active was postponed and devs released it next day cause of the pressure in forums and Twitter

    Should I continue or is that enough? Just one more for you... "We're looking at the Spirit rework" (I hope they only move the "prayer beads")

  • Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 260
    edited October 2019
    1. Forums were flooded with feedback about better changes to addons and base kit of nurse, all ignored. Proves MY point.
    2. Insta heal Nerfs were given feedback to be fine, then they nerfed them harder upon release. Proves MY point.
    3. Freddy rework took 2 full years and when on PTB there were dozens of forums saying make the pallets base kit instead and change the garbage block addons, didn’t happen. Proves MY point.
    4. 4. There is tons and tons of feedback to this day regarding how badly designed the hatch mechanic is and it’s not getting changed. Proves MY point.
    5. EGC Was not specifically requested by anyone, feedback was to stop holding matches hostage, doesn’t support your point.
    6. The postponed Halloween event was pushed out from a little bit of negative impatient feedback and then immediately the rift/archives were shut off for all players for hours because they were broken. Not a good response. Doesn’t support your point.

    Edited to fix typos

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864
    1. Forums were filled in different stages with people complaining about Nurse and Spirit being OP, she got a rework, Spirit is gonna, what the Devs decide to do in those reworks is up to them, they're trying to balance for players, WE DO NOT HAVE ACCES TO STATISTICS PER KILLER.
    2. Forums were filled with "toxic insta heal SWF groups" post, they got heard, I guess they shouldn't have touched them right?
    3. Freddy rework took 2 full years cause of the state of the company, about the pallets, have you seen the number of posts about how pallets are useless in Purple and Red ranks? Sure, Devs don't listen
    4. The posts about the hatch are made by killers complaining about not 4k'ing, Devs want BALANCE, the complains were about survivors not doing S at the final part of game and making the match last more than 30 mins, IT GOT HEARD
    5. EGC was not requested per se, what was requested was for killers not to have to look around for the last hiding survivor who just wouldn't try to do something and also for survivors to have a chance at the end of the match when their team was BS
    6. The content was released (fully bugged) cause of the pressure of the community, even if broken, y'all got what you wanted when the Devs clearly stated it would take more than a week for them to get it as best as they could, got released next day
    7. You didn't say a thing about the spirit rework, I guess we're gonna ignore that
  • Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 260

    Ah so your logic is that it matters as long as it’s survivor feedback, killer feedback should be ignored? Then preach about how it’s all in the name of perfect balance. Good logic pal, thanks for proving my point and also revealing your biases. I won’t waste more time on you since you’ll just mental gymnastics yourself to the high ground. Bye. ❤️

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864
    edited October 2019

    Good sir... I'm a killer main... Did you even read what I wrote? WE DON'T HAVE THE STATISTICS PER KILLER OR PERK, the Devs are the ones who make decisions based on trying to give balance for both sides, they read both sides opinion, check data and proceed to make desicions, the only statement I did was that Devs DO listen to the community and gave different examples regardless of which side was affected (Insta heals nerf helped killers, Nurse Nerf helped survivors, do you get it now?).

    the moment you have to appeal to an insult gives away the kind of player and person you are, I won't insult you back, I'm not that kind of person, all I can say is that we can Agree to disagree and that I hope this toxicity doesn't spread. Do you actually see that I am one of the two people who actually commented or liked your post. Respect man...

    Have a good day sir

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