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Do something about cleansing

I know this is gonna be an unpopular opinion but yall need to fix the totems in the game


if im playing against a doctor and im 99% done cleansing and he shocks me or im in his terror radius and i scream even if he isnt actually all that close to me (which just happened like 4 times in a game) then I lose all the progress on the cleansing and even if i manage to get away or when im unhooked, he knows I know where the hex is so he can literally just shock it to check and ruin my progress

i know if we have the progress stay on it like with searching chests that would be unfair to killers but can we do SOMETHING about it?

i have a couple ideas (one of which i think shouldve been added a while ago but whatever)

  1. if youre cleansing a totem and you scream because of clown gas or madness or whatever, you should have like a 3-5 second window (or something i dont know) where you can get back on the totem before the progress resets. I dont know how long the scream animation lasts for so either 3-5 seconds or get like 1.5-2 seconds that starts after the scream animation ends. The progress would be attached to the survivor not the totem so if youre 99% on a totem and you get screamed and chased and another survivor comes along and starts cleansing, they would start at 0% and reset it for the first survivor. (or something like that)
  2. a perk that lets you instantly destroy a totem. okay just hear me out. i think this is actually doable in a fair way. it would work kind of like inner strength. With inner strength you need to cleanse a totem to activate it, i think if you do something like require the survivor to have worked on 100% of a generator progress. cause if you think about it, if theres a ruin, it still gives the ruin a chance to work, it isnt really a risk for the killer to have to deal with 4 survivors that can instantly destroy a totem cause if they do that then the totems probably werent doing much to hinder them anyways cause theyd have finished 4 gens by the time they all have it activated, and I think it would be once per match, so once you use the perk and destroy a totem, even if you solo the rest of the gens, you dont get to instantly down a totem anymore in that trial. Personally I think thats super fair, and if you think its still too strong, make it weaker, because youre breaking a totem and not cleansing it, maybe have the hex still active for another 30-60 seconds because without cleansing it the spooky voodoo lingers for a while. Maybe make totem destruction a different mechanic than cleansing so you cant use this perk with inner strength. But I think its about time we put something like this into the game (and address the meme that is "takes 20 seconds to destroy a bunch of sticks and vines")
  3. This doesnt directly relate to my problem but its related to totems so i wanted to mention it. Killers should be allowed to destroy their own totems. same way they can open gates like ya it probably helps the survivors more than the killer but you can use it strategically. use it with haunted ground, if we implement the thing i talked about in #2 where destruction leaves the hex active for a period because it wasnt cleansed then do that, like a killer can destroy their own noed to stop a survivor from cleansing it, then they have x amount of time with it still active to try to find and down survivors before the effects fade. I just think that would be really interesting to add. I dont think this should be a perk though this should just be like a "hit space and do this" action like closing hatch or opening gates or whatever.
  4. I have very low hopes for this idea, but give survivors hex perks. The entity thrives when violence is at its peak which is why survivors are even given access to perks and items and stuff. The more of a chance they think they have, the more power the entity gets from the trial. So why wouldnt the entity give them hex perks? I think it would make perfect sense, and again assuming we implement the destruction mechanic, I think it would provide an awesome new aspect to the game. Survivors could choose whether to cleanse the totem, destroy it with that perk (if you make it a perk it can also just be an ability) after finishing 100% gen progress and deal with the effects for however long after it gets destroyed, or like they can ignore it and just deal with the hex. Whereas killers would only have the option to destroy it and deal with the effects for however long or just ignore it entirely. I DO, however, think that if we give survivors hex perks, then we need to put a limit on the killers totem destruction. like make it only usable once ever minute or two, or make killers wait for gens to get done to destroy subsequent totems, or maybe they get another chance to destroy totems after hooking a certain amount of times or after every sacrifice. I just think itd be unfair if the killer could just kick a totem and then immediately find another totem and destroy it immediately. I also think killers should still be able to see all active hex totems on the map, both their own AND survivors so they dont know which is which, so if either a killer or a survivor wants to get rid of the other ones' hex, they would have to decide if its worth the risk to possibly destroy their own on accident.

BUT IDK these are just ideas that i have that i think would make totems 1. more fair and 2. kind of a refreshing take on an original mechanic.

feel free to disagree with me because im sure most of you will


  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Totems are already ridiculously easy to get rid of. There is NO reason to make it even easier.

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    I disagree, Ive had games where the killer was constantly guarding the totem and making sure if he didnt know where survivors were, that they werent on the totem

    like on trapper if your totem isnt out in the open, all you have to do is put a trap in front of it and its ungettable cause if they disarm the trap and you head over as soon as you get the notification they cant get it done by the time you get there on most maps. and even if they do get it done youre almost definitely gonna get a hit on them because youll be on them when they finish the totem.

    or with hag literally just trap them and if your trap goes off port to it. granted hags traps you can avoid but still

    or if youre against a doctor and he shocks you when youre cleansing youre forced to stop cleansing and scream

    or clown if he hits you with gas while youre cleansing, you also stop to scream

    ghostface and michael cant exactly make you stop cleansing but if they find you cleansing and stalk you then by the time you finish cleansing theyll have marked you/tiered up

    billy and bubba can chainsaw you so you can either run or try finishing the totem and get instadowned

    demogorgon can put portals on the totems so if you go to cleanse them he can pop up behind you and munch your butt

    tbh idk how plague works like if you get forced into an animation when puked on or not but for arguements sake lets say you dont

    thats more than half the killers that can either force you to stop cleansing or will severely punish you for trying to commit to the cleanse when theyre there

    and if they have thrill then its just easier for them to be on top of their totems without needing to stay right near it

    i agree with you that this would be a survivor buff and a killer nerf overall but i say thats desperately needed because killers are way too strong rn like they can literally hit you from like 5 feet away through windows and [BAD WORD], and unless they fix that (which i doubt they will) then we need to give survivors a little love

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 507
    edited November 2019

    Dude, you seem to whine about almost everything. Learn the game instead of calling for nerfs to everything that's mildly inconvenient. You don't see me whining about pallet stuns or window vaults.

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61
    edited November 2019

    dude, the game is maddeningly unbalanced for basically all survivors below rank 12

    I whine about everything because all these things combined are total bs and i know most of them ( if not all of them) arent gonna be fixed

    So i write about everything because im hoping theyll see one think i write and actually look into it. i dont expect (or honestly want) them to fix everything ive posted about because then the game would be unbalanced just in the other direction. but just one or two things i think would be nice

    and thats because pallet stuns and window vaults are a small invonvinience that every killer can avoid and if they dont, then it slows their game by like what, 3 seconds? If youre trying to say that window vaults and pallet stuns, which can both be countered by a bunch of perks and sometimes actually turn them into traps for the survivor if youre using certain killers, are as strong as ruin and the doctor having like 8 skills in his basic kit, then you just dont want the game balanced; you just want it to stay tilted in your favor

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Are you trolling? Your understanding of the game is poor at best. When you get better at the game you'll start to see how underpowered most killers are. Doctor especially has nothing going for him outside of a built in Whispers. There's a reason the devs are taking a look at making him better.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    If a killer is constantly guarding a totem, just go do a gen. He can't guard both.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,904

    and thats because pallet stuns and window vaults are a small invonvinience that every killer can avoid and if they dont, then it slows their game by like what, 3 seconds?

    Small inconvience that can turn into major one ALL depending on how both of you interact in a chase.

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