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The Nurse changes are misguided

Due to some quirky matchmaking, I've had the opportunity to play against survivors at my rank (red) and survivors at yellow, green, and purple ranks since the Nurse update. My initial reaction upon hearing that a blink cooldown was being added on top of the fatigue was negative, and the gameplay experience since the update has done nothing to dispel that notion. She just feels worse than before, and it feels like the only people who aren't being listened to are the people who play Nurse.

You now have a math problem: survivor stands just outside of max blink range, you blink, survivor starts running as soon as you release M2 and makes it outside of your second blink range. In the past, this wasn't a problem, as you could eat the fatigue and blink again. Now, you fatigue, and then wait, at which point the survivor can once again make distance to the edge of your max blink range. You can blink once and eat the small fatigue and cooldown, but that pesky line of sight break comes into play here as well.

I think there is a real lack of understanding of high rank Nurse play and counterplay among those who made the decisions about the rework. All this rework has done is give additional counterplay to those survivors who already knew the counterplay in the first place (break line of sight during fatigue and maintain distance as long as possible) and made Nurse overly reliant on predictive blinks. Many survivors at red ranks have just as much muscle memory when it comes to Nurse, and they know the exact distance they need to maintain for blinks and lunges.

The lower ranked survivors I've played against since the update aren't faring any better. They didn't need more time to break line of sight. That wasn't the issue. Many of them don't think to break line of sight in the first place. I'm catching them just as quickly as I did before. The only players this rework has affected are the ones who already knew how to play against her. She won't be any more fun to play against for survivors who simply don't know what to do, regardless of how much time they have to do it.

Nurse players weren't being disingenuous when we said base kit was fine. Regardless of how you feel about Nurse, it should matter that so many Nurse players aren't having fun now. She feels clunky now. Being forced to walk at a slow speed is exactly why Nurse players choose not to play other killers for that particular trial. It goes against the identity of the killer.


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  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
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    Well. That was quite well said. Basically my thoughts on her as well. Unfortunately, as you said, the devs and a lot of the players are unaware and unwilling to listen to the things you've stated, and would prefer we all simply say she's fine.

    It's like everyone is aware of how strong the Nurse has always been, that when everyone starts talking about how frustrating, and awkward she now is, people shrug them off because "Nurse still OP!" When they don't understand any of what we're trying to say. Is that really where we want to be with balancing the game?

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    Well, they nerfed her because her kill rate at high ranks was too high. So mission accomplished, I guess.

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325

    That's not saying much when you're comparing a character that requires skill and actually has a power that's useful, like Spirit, or even Huntress, and the vast majority of killers who are B tier M1'ers that can't use skill to outplay, more or less.

  • newdulsnewduls Member Posts: 90

    in the past this has always been the way bhvr has treated killers who survivors have clamored about being "unfun" to play against.

    They effectively take them out of the rotation, and then bring them back into "usability" slowly.

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