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Bloodlust change that fits all ranks

ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177

We all know blood lust is a band aid fix. Looping got so bad, so it was introduced to fight it.
Yet we all know that bloodlust hardly helps counter looping. It's like wiggling, a function to ensure that killers can't bring everyone down to the basement. Bloodlust just denies eternal loop.
Yet looping still persists. And bloodlust only punishes low ranks, while high ranks break line of sight.
So here's a good suggestion : Bloodlust now no longer boosts speed. It allows you to ram through downed pallets with an animation of 0.5 sec, and for stuns, it negates the stun effect and breaks the pallet 50 % faster.
Bloodlust no longer has levels, and remains for the rest of the chase. Meaning that wasting pallets is a bad move, and juking becomes the new requirement to escape.
Now to clarify why this fits all ranks : Low ranks loops are generally not that long and don't go through many pallets. At max three if the killer is not that well versed. So it won't affect them in terms of robbing them their tools ; since they dont even use them that well.
Loop ranks high ranks rely heavily on loops. This counters that and forces the survivor to change tactic. This will aslo purge high ranks from boosted SWF.
Of course, maps need a general re-balance too.
Any thoughts?


  • LarczLarcz Member Posts: 531
    Yes remove half of palets. Killer can be loop from palet to palet all game from 1 person.
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