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Constant errors and booting back to title screen

TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61
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I keep getting booted back to the home screen or the title screen and getting error notifications that say like "an unkown error has occured" or "your session has expired"

like i just finished a game as nurse because i needed dailies, and RIGHT WHEN THE LAST SURVIVOR WAS FINISHED BEING SACRIFICED AND THE SCREEN STARTED TO GO BLACK the game said my session expired and i was booted to the title screen and none of my daily progress was counted

like its a minor inconvenience when i finish a game or when the game puts me in a lobby and theres an error and i get booted to the home screen or whatever (which happens basically 50% of the time lately) but this literally just wasted an entire game i just played because it seems like it thinks i disconnected so my daily didnt count, i didnt earn any blood points or pips (i actually depipped, i wasted my add on and offering, and i have to go back and play again and just hope that it doesnt happen again

UPDATE: APPARENTLY theres just something wrong with nurse cause i just played another game with her and hit several precise blinks and hit the survivors out of the blinks and the daily still says im at 0/4 so thats a whole other problem i guess

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,003

    Have you tried giving your router a reboot?

    As for the daily thing, that's definitely some kind of bug. Is the daily still there if you close and re-open the game? I've seen progress not be tracked if it isn't "locked in" but the only way to know if it is or not is closing and re-opening the game... in my experience.

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