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Monitor shuts off after going into the second game.

I can play one game completely normal, but as soon as I play another game right after that one, my monitor just shuts off. I don't hear anything or see anything. Can't move my mouse since there is no screen so the only way is to hold down the power button. I play at around 55 Celsius for my cpu temp and I have 32 gbs of ram so I don't really know what's wrong. My computer meets all the requirements for the game so I don't know why it isn't working


  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 303
    edited November 2019

    It sounds like the bug where if you unlock your framerate / disable vsync your system will do a hard reboot. Does your pc recover at all and are you sure it's not doing a full hard reboot?

    Likely, your display driver is trying to re-initialize but fails thus dropping the connection to your monitor.

    Try resetting any config files you edited to default, update your video card drivers, and verifying game files in Steam.

  • L0neD0gL0neD0g Member Posts: 5

    what do you mean by full hard reboot? My monitor is shut off but my pc is still running. screen is just black so idk if i can click anything or do anything at all. This problem happens every single time. it's not just a one time thing.

  • WinterFellWinterFell Member Posts: 10

    This what happens to me as well. I can play the first game fine, then after everyone is ready and before the offerings screen, the monitor just loses signal and the graphics card fan goes full throttle. Only way to stop it is full power off on the computer. Just started with the latest patch.

  • WinterFellWinterFell Member Posts: 10

    AMD RX 580, newest drivers. Never has this happened before

  • L0neD0gL0neD0g Member Posts: 5

    yea i have th amd rx580 too. this is dumb and makes the game so annoying to play.

  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 303
    edited November 2019

    I mean like completely restart your PC, not just send your vid card into standby mode.

    One thing you can try to narrow down to the video subsystem, is write this command down:

    make sure you close everything before you start DBD - This will force a reboot of your pc

    You'll obviously have to do this in the blind, so take care in following the instructions and type it exactly as it, spaces etc.

    1. Once the monitor goes black, press the windows key on your keyboard (assuming you don't have gaming mode turned on, and the Windows button on your keyboard is enabled)
    2. After you press the Windows key one time, type the following on your keyboard and take notice as to if your PC does a reboot

    shutdown -f -r -t 00

    If your PC restarts, then it's not hard frozen. This means it's a display subsystem problem.

    Trying doing what I said previously, and do a clean reinstall of your video card drivers.

  • L0neD0gL0neD0g Member Posts: 5

    i cant type anything at all. I pressed the windows and nothing happened. My pc just goes really loud, like the fans or gpu just starts going faster.

  • WinterFellWinterFell Member Posts: 10

    You wrote try resetting any config files you edited to default. I don't know what config files are much less on how to even edit them. All I did was let Steam update Dead by Daylight with this latest archive patch. The crash always happens after playing 1 match. I start the second match and everyone clicks ready and before the offerings screen load the monitor clicks off and the video card fan goes full throttle. Not sure what to do next. Can't enter any match after the first.

  • L0neD0gL0neD0g Member Posts: 5

    Yes, this is exactly the problem I am having too. Explained it way better than me lol.

  • WinterFellWinterFell Member Posts: 10

    Still happens no matter which drivers I roll back to

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,973

    Display going black and card going nuts is absolutely a GFX driver crash and it's tried (and failed) to reset the driver.

    WHY it's doing that? I don't know. It could be lack of power (unlikely), overheating (likely due to the fact it's not immediate), bad drivers or possibly even some odd glitch in the game engine.

    So I'd advise doing what Aceonfire suggested. Download the latest driver and Display Driver Uninstaller. Use DDU (display driver uninstaller) to completely clean the drivers from your system. Do this in safe mode. Disconnect your PC from the internet BEFORE reboot or windows will install a terri-bad driver. Then install the previously downloaded driver.

    If THAT doesn't work, then your card might need a clean out, which I don't recommend doing unless you're confident opening your PC. :) And even if the card looks fine, it might not be. My old R9 290X LOOKED fine, but I found half a cat in it...

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