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Survivor stuck - Endgame collapse doesn't kill them. Killer can't leave lobby [Video included]

GravnosGravnos Member Posts: 105
edited November 2019 in PC

Platform: PC

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL3OeVln2Bc

Video Note: Sound cuts out due to me being silly, sound isn't part of the bug. Didn't expect to be recording anything haha. I also trimmed it down for time while on the go, but I have a longer video if needed.

Logs: I was an already dead survivor in this match that happened to stick around to witness the bug. If you still want my logs I'll pm them to dev, but since I don't know if they contain IP info or not I'd prefer not to post them publicly.

Steps to reproduce:

Note: Because this was a live game I haven't sat down to reproduce it, but I will recount the events I witnessed.

1) While surviving against the Huntress (Builds for all players :46 on video) Player 'Milk' was unhooked by myself. Their 2nd hook.

2) we ran away and I began healing him,as Huntress approached my heal was at roughly 95% when I let go of the heal to try and body block a hatchet. Instead he was struck and went down.

3) Player was now stuck, unable to move or recover and their animation stayed in a 'crouching stance' ( 1 minute onwards in video). Killer was unable to pick them up, hit them, hit them with hatches or interact with them in anyway.

4) during the Endgame collapse (new video because I am bad at recording) the survivor didn't die for a while afterwards. The killer was stuck, unable to leave the game at all.

My belief here is that dedicated servers thought he was healed and it put him in a limbo state.


  • Nameless_GhoulNameless_Ghoul Member Posts: 4

    While also playing on PC today:

    I had downed this Claudette (pictured) and left her there for a moment or two to finish off others in the game, When I came back to pick her up, I received no prompt to do so, and they remained in this spot and I was completely unable to interact with her. I figured that the EGC would just auto-sacrifice her if I activated it and waited it out. . .but it didn't. Her bleedout timer did not go down, the EGC didn't sacrifice her, and she still remained unable to be picked up. She was still able to spot me out of my power, though.

    I am not at all sure how to reproduce this error, but there are a few things I can note to hopefully clarify what may have caused the issue:

    A) She was downed before another survivor was killed, and before the EGC started.

    B) She was not originally downed in this spot, and would have had to fall down a short distance to crawl there (from the small hay bale.)

    C) After the EGC timer expired, about 5-7 minutes passed and I somehow returned to the lobby. I'm not entirely sure what happened to return me to the lobby as I was tabbed out looking for recording software.

    D) She was still able to detect and pull me out of my power.

    This is the only instance of this I experienced after playing for about five hours. This is an undoubtedly annoying glitch/exploit and I hope that the root of the problem can be found and solved!

  • KeiraaKeiraa Member Posts: 9

    Video evidence

    Around 50 mins you can see the survivor is glitched and the other survivors report she is moving her camera in spectate mode, but refusing to DC from the glitch

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