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ranks dont matter again in matchmaking (PC)

BloodartistBloodartist Member Posts: 100
edited November 2019 in Other

So I remember something about 6 rank difference being the biggest that matchmaking allows... Here is a screenshot of my recent match. Two players who are 8 ranks higher than me and one with 11 rank difference. Is this supposed to be balanced?

Also steam screenshots seem bugged in DBD atm, the button doesn't work. But thats much less important.

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  • IronWillIronWill Member Posts: 245
    edited November 2019

    Can confirm:

    Something is definitely broken. I am solo and it takes forever for me to find a lobby and if I get one, I get matched with ppl WAY off my own rank.

  • Johnny212Johnny212 Member Posts: 35

    If your matchmaking last longer than x minutes, it will increase the rank gap.

    So if you had long matchmaking, it's not a bug that you matched with lot higher or lower rank.

  • BloodartistBloodartist Member Posts: 100

    Yes, the queue is really long. But I'd rather not have a game than have unbalanced games. Anyone know what the "x" minutes limit is? I was under impression that the 6 rank limit was a hard limit?

  • BloodartistBloodartist Member Posts: 100
    edited November 2019

    Today another case of the same, this time with about 5 min queue time. Its as if they have disabled the rank-matching mm.

  • BloodartistBloodartist Member Posts: 100
    edited November 2019

    Next match, fast queue time. Full SWF too, so very fun. Not.

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