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Lore Theory: The Entity is a Spirit of Purgatory

PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 2,491

So, looking over the character bios of Dead by Daylight I believe that I have an answer to what the Entity is: a malevolent spirit of Purgatory. Not just that, but all of the characters in Dead by Daylight are actually, well, dead.

Since we already have confirmed "in universe" for the licensed characters of Tapp, Bill, Laurie, Freddy, Amanda (Pig) and Michael Myers, not to mention the LITERAL DISMEMBERMENT of the Spirit, I think that there is a case for this theory. Some characters, though are easier to theorise than others. If you have a theory of your own to support this, then tell me!

Here's a shortened list of how I believe some characters died before being delivered to the Entity:

  • Dwight: Alcohol poisoning
  • David: Picked the wrong fight
  • Claudette: Venom from animal in forrest - she was a botanist. Animals are not her forte
  • Nea: Gang violence
  • Jeff: Complications mixing alcohol and elicit substances
  • Feng Min: Sleep deprivation/malnurition - people do literally game themselves to death
  • Jane: Fell asleep behind the wheel, crashed
  • Doctor: Experimenting on himself
  • Clown: Total organ failure
  • Hag: Blood loss/shock
  • Nurse: Vehicle accident, thrown out of ambulance/crawled away

Bit of a morbid theory, but one that would certainly explain a lot of the happenings within Dead by Daylight.


  • BSNightflowBSNightflow Member Posts: 62

    What about Kate? She saw the Entity presence and literally tried fighting back.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    Wow, I can totally see that being possible. But here's another thing...as far as I know, when one dies and is sent to a "purgatory", it is because they have either done something really bad/wrong in their lives, or they have some sort of unfinished business in life such as making up for their sins. Basically, they are being punished. If it is indeed true that the survivors' nightmare of evading brutal killers and the entity by repairing generators is never ending, then that is most definitely a sort of "purgatory".

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 2,491

    She's actually one of the harder ones to theorise about. If I had to choose though, because I want them all to have somewhat unique deaths before reaching the Entity, I have though of her attempting to write a new song before being ambushed by a jealous rival or fan. Explaining how only her guitar was left.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 412

    Id say it is purgatory. Everyone that is in the realm has committed the 7 deadly sins. It would make sense. The only thing is. How do they escape the seemingly endless realm.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 2,491

    I wouldn't say that they have commited any real sins, since I also see the Entity as a twisted and malevolent being trying to take as much life/soul/spiritual energy from all within it.

    And escape? Well, dying doesn't seem to work.......

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