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new utra rare addons for killer

Stealthbomb95Stealthbomb95 Member Posts: 36

#1    String and needle 

The same string and needle Amanda used

To sew the mouths of her victims.

  • Turns the ambush attack completely silent.
  • Tremendously increase the time it takes to charge 

The ambush attack.

#2    Iridescent blade

A special blade the legion uses only when they

Want their victims to suffer.

  • Hitting a survivor while in frenzy will end frenzy.
  • Hitting a survivor again will reduce their deep wound timer by 50%

#3   Lucy’s Pillow

A pillow the Nightmare stole from a little girl before he died. 

  • The nightmare is visible at any range 
  • He can instantly teleport to any gen 4 times. Has a 30s cooldown
  • While survivors are in the dream state they will hear the terror radius warning.

#4   Bleached jaws

A pearl white jaw that sickens the victims that set this trap off.

  • When a survivor sets the trap off they will not be stuck in it.
  • The survivors will suffer from the deep wound status effect and will have impared hearing 
  • When a survivor sets the trap off the trap becomes unusable for 40s.

#5    Mothers eye 

An eye that Yuri found before she died. Now This charm speaks to her.

  • Injured survivors who are within a 10m range while in phase will be revealed to you.
  • You no longer see scratch marks or blood trails. 
  • Survivor grunts of pain are reduced to 50% when phasing.

still thinking of more to add just tell me and ill add them

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