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The Nightmare aka Freddy "Go To Sleep!" build.

droid3501droid3501 Member Posts: 3

Hi there! this is my Personal Freddy build!

Thank you for reading this thread, but before anything else it is of a very high probability that this build was already thought of before because the number of perks currently in game is not that much...

Anyway the build is a mid-end game type of build and its objective is clear: To make it so the game is delayed as much as you possibly can in a very safe way!

the build consists of Dying light (The Shape perk)

Thanatophobia (Nurse perk)

Corrupt intervention (Plague perk)

And finally barbecue & chilli (The Cannibal perk)


  • thanatophobia and Dying Light are supposed to be the base of all this build slowing the game down as much as possible with both of them stacking each other.
  • Corrupt intervention is to help on early game since both thanatophobia and Dying Light are franticly useless early.
  • Barbecue & Chilli is a tracking perk (also meta) to keep you going on with your little hooking spree which you'll need.


  • You start off slow (like most builds) and you have 120 seconds (tier III) of your corrupt intervention to keep you "safe" while you get to your first hooks in.
  • after the first hook barbecue should get you going on, snowballing survivors on your way and preparing your Dying light stacks while maintaining your thanatophobia bonuses
  • Your obssesion should be either left for last or hooked only once as it will be breaking your spree (i advise you to either keep your obssesion injured or slug him to still stack thanatophobia)

And there you have it! During mid game if you keep your hooks up and pressure it should turn out to be very painfull to do generators/other actions aside from altruism at no risk at all! No need to worry about totems or gen rushing! Just keep on using your dream projection to control and your BBQ to keep them under sight and you should be pretty alright!

Thank you for following this build please leave me your thoughts, Droid3501

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