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Bad Playing Experience

I just have bad playing experience in the games:

1) teammates disconnected in one down x 2

2) teammates are newbies who just running around and it 3 down in a few minutes

3) the killer is newbie who doesn’t know how to hook the survivor (I can’t enjoy the game at all even I can escape)

These are the 4 games I encountered.

share your bad gameplay experience


  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 1,740

    I mean, yeah, it happens. There are plenty of threads venting about the kinds of behaviors you're describing, and pretty much everyone runs into these same scenarios at some point.

    People who don't do gens, people who farm you off hook without BT, people who hide in lockers waiting for the next-to-last survivor to die so they can get the hatch, people who suicide on hook immediately, people who DC as soon as they get hit.

    And it happens all the way up into red ranks, too. I dunno how some of these people make it that far.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,130

    I had a Spirit, the best Killer in the game with add ons that increased her haunting duration and speed which she moved.

    She had Ruin, Thanatophobia, Franklin's Demise and Barbecue and Chili.

    She would abandoned all she was doing to go and tunnel any Survivor hooked.

    We had a 4 man escape, she didn't kill any of us, I was just in a SWF with 1 person, the other 2 were randoms.

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