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Benedict Baker

pichumudkippichumudkip Member Posts: 52

So not too much is known about our "friend" Benedict Baker (unless my crap memory is crap). I have a good feeling that he was a survivor, however, over time, he probably started to become less and less friendly and survivor like, and I'm going to assume that eventually, he betrayed everyone he was with. Why do I assume his betrayal? Well during the American Revolution, there was a general on the Patriots side called Benedict Arnold. Benedict noticed that the patriots were losing the war, and eventually swapped sides and became a general for the British/Red Coats I believe (don't remember the exact rank), and basically henceforth, the name Benedict has been involved with betrayal, or food, but mainly betrayal. I know it's farfetched but hey, we don't have much info to go by. Please share your thoughts.


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