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The new Nurse. A guide to blink trough your struggles!

NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531
edited December 2019 in Guides

After so much threads about how Nurse is now bad or dead, I couldn't help myself to write this little guide with those that now struggle playing her. I'm an experienced Nurse player that still loves her to death and I thought this could be helpful for those who are or want to try her out!

Introducing: New Nurse 101!

Base power: Not gonna lie, the change was very harsh and unexpected by most. A good portion of her map pressure was heavily nerfed but hope is not lost! The addiction of cool-down can improve your blink management, as well as knowing when it's better to use 1 blink just to get close or roam, or 2 to go for the kill.

Right now, from my experience, is way better to use one fully charged blink to move around the map at the time. This not only helps having a blink every time you move, but also not incurring in a situation where you do not have any blinks in case you find a survivor!

"But Nurse is so slow now! I don't know where to blink and If I waste my blinks I lose precious time!"

That's where I found myself using tracking perks such as "Whispers", "Discordance" or "Barbecue & chilli"

Whispers: Sporadically hear The Entity's Whisper when standing within a 48/40/32 metres of a Survivor.

Discordance: Any time two or more Survivors are working on the same Generator that Generator's Aura is highlighted in yellow for 8/10/12 seconds.

Barbecue and chilli: After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors' Auras are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 metres from the Hook 

Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a  stack-able bonus to all Bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of 50/75/100 %.

All of this perks helps greatly since I will always know where to blink without wasting any time. Nurse now struggles even more than before if you happen to blink to the wrong position, pin-pointing the right location has never been more important.

"But isn't using perks to correct the flaw of a killer bad game design?"

Not really, it's more like a compensation to synergize with a power already extremely powerful and full of options. This isn't a fix, it's a solution to a weak point.

I'd like to add that Nurse still has the power to completely ignore any kind of defense survivors have against any other killer, having a weakness to this immense power is justified and using perks to help out (NOT FIX) the Nurse is just as fine.

Add ons:

As we all know, add-ons were drastically changed (for a good reason) and most of them got extremely useful and neat, while others just... went into the trash-can.

I'll be listing a tier list of add-ons you should consider using and what you should avoid.

Joke tier:

White nit comb: Increases Bloodpoints for Blink Attack Score Events by 100% but moderately reduces the post-blink lunge range.

Explanation: Yeah... this isn't good at all. The lunge range is extremely important to a killer like Nurse and this downside doesn't compensate enough for the extra BP, avoid.

Dull bracelet: Increases Bloodpoints for Precise Blink Score Events by 100% but moderately reduces the blink maximum range.

Explanation: Even worse than White nit comb, the downside is atrocious and feels terrible to play with, it's not worth the downside at all.

Meh tier:

Wooden horse: Moderately reduces the extra post-Blink Fatigue duration applied by missed Blink Attacks.

Explanation: As a rule, you don't want to be missing your blink attacks, however... the fatigue duration is quite significant and can help getting back from a mistake. I suggest using this if you're new to Nurse.

Plaid flannel: Allows The Nurse to see Blink Target Locations.

Explanation: A fundamental add-on for those learning Nurse, but gets considerably pointless the longer you play. It's not bad... but it doesn't really shine.

Spasmodic breath: Hitting a Survivor with a successful post-Blink Attack temporarily disables Spencer's Last Breath and increases The Nurse's base Movement speed to 4.6 m/s. This effect lasts for 60 seconds.

Explanation: This add-on does have the potential to be useful (Starting a chase with somebody already injured is always a good thing) but the fact that the effect lasts for so long doesn't really pay back that much. The add-on is still viable but does requires some perks to be effective, making it not very good for most people.

Torn bookmark: Adds 1 Chain Blink Charge but blocks the Nurse from blinking trough places she has no line of sight of (Such as walls)

Explanation: Broken on paper, not really good when used. Any survivor that has a bit of brain knows that LoS considerably hinders Nurse... now, try adding the fact that this add-ons makes walls impossible to pass trough and you get the idea.

With just 96% movement speed you'll never catch up to a survivor using walls, meaning that you will have to give up tons of your chases and move on if you don't wish to face a disgraceful defeat. I consider this add-on to be very situational and often requires the use of a Map offering to be even considered usable.

Viable tier:

Pocket watch: Moderately increases the length of the Chain Blink Window.

Explanation: The add-on offers more time to charge up your second blink (this means more distance) and calibrate your aim. Undeniably helpful for those who are not used to the very brief window of time post-blink.

Catatonic's boy treasure: Considerably reduces the extra post-Blink Fatigue duration applied by Chain Blinks.

Explanation: The reduction of fatigue is quite noticeable and helps greatly into keeping track of survivors as long as you chain more than one blink. I recommend using this in case you need 2 blinks to hit most of the time.

Very good Tier:

Metal spoon: Hitting a Survivor with a successful post-Blink Attack causes their sounds of pain to be moderately louder for 60 seconds.

Explanation: Don't underestimate this little guy. This is basically the perk "Stridor" in the form of an add-on which is very good during chases in case you have trouble tracking down survivors, not only that... but it also counters the perk "Iron will", a perk that is quite popular due to the existence of the killer "Spirit".

Dark cincture: Moderately reduces the Blink Recharge time.

Explanation: For the lovers of the no-cool down Nurse, this really helps giving that feeling. During chases, you'll have 2 blinks at your disposal more often meaning that your chance at ending chases and applying pressure will drastically increase.

Bad man's keepsake: Hitting a Survivor with a successful post-Blink Attack reveals their Aura to The Nurse when they are healing or being healed within a range of 28 meters for 60 seconds.

Explanation: Nurse's calling in a (tooth) nutshell, a great alternative to the already powerful perk if you intend to use any other perk. Also... who doesn't love a good jumpscare?

Heavy panting: Considerably increases the maximum Blink range but considerably increases the charge time as well.

Explanation: Did you love the feeling of the omega blink? This will basically feel the same. An extremely strong add-on that does wonders.

Fragile wheeze: Considerably reduces the Blink Recharge time.

Explanation: "Dark cincture" but on steroids. Extremely good!

Ataxic respiration: Moderately reduces the post-Blink Fatigue duration.

Explanation: What is fatigue again? You can abuse this thing quite easily to get close to survivors since the fatigue will be very short with little to no downside.

Anxious gasp: Blinking past a Survivor causes them to scream and awards 200 Bloodpoints in the Deviousness Category.

Explanation: My new personal favorite add-on. There will be no walls or hiding place protecting survivors anymore using this thing, make them scream and here goes the chase! Also, free bloodpoints!

Kavanagh's last breath: Tremendously increases the maximum Blink range but tremendously increases the charge time as well.

Explanation: I heard you like omega-blinks, this is close to broken in certain situations.

Jenner's last breath: After blinking, allows The Nurse to immediately blink back to her original position by pressing the Active Ability Button. This effect must be triggered before The Nurse succumbs to the post-Blink Fatigue.

Explanation: Most survivors like to run to you when you're blinking towards their position, this completely negates that possibility making this a very scary add-on to face.

Campbell's last breath: After reappearing from a fully charged Blink, The Nurse immediately blinks at half charge in the direction she is currently facing.

Explanation: A note, if you charge the full blink, the half charge blink will consume 2 of your charges. Meaning that you will always have to possess 2 charges if you want to use this. This add-on is quite possible one of the best since it completely negates counter-play in certain situation and YOU decide whenever to take advantage of it or not by releasing the blink just before you fully charge it.

"Bad man's" last breath: Hitting a Survivor with a successful post-Blink Attack grants The Nurse the Undetectable Status Effect for 16 seconds (Has a cooldown of 60 seconds)

Explanation: Do you enjoy free grabs? Free hits? Jumpscares? This add-on is just for you!

Matchbox: Increases The Nurse's base Movement speed to 4.2 m/s but removes 1 blink.

Explanation: While the downside is quite noticeable, the fact that you still have a blink available but move faster than survivor anyways make this a very good add-ons for those who struggle too much with the use of multiple blinks.

Combination of add-ons:


"Bad man's" last breath" + "Bad man's keepsake"

A fairy simple combo yet very effective. The use of the undetectable status effect allows you to do easy sneak attacks to survivors without having any time to react. You can combine this add-ons with the use of perk "Sloppy butcher" for maximum efficiency.


"Matchbox" + "Ataxic respiration"

By abusing the fast recovery from "ataxic respiration", you can get very close to survivors without the need of hitting them while at the same time taking advantage of the movement speed granted by the matchbox to always keep them in your line of sight while your blink recharges.

"Warping menace"

"Fragile wheeze" + "Ataxic respiration"

This is the best combination possible if your objective is to blink as much as possible. The faster recovery time plus the diminished fatigue allows to always have at least one blink at your disposal in any situation, including the one where you wasted 2 blinks.

Note: "Dark cincture" can be used as a substitute to "Fragile wheeze" even tho less effective.

"Gamma blink"

"Campbell's last breath" + "Heavy panting"

Arguably the best combination if you wish to travel the map as soon as possible. The combined increased distance plus the instant second blink (which takes in consideration half of the distance you traveled with the first) allows huge potential in covering the map.

Note: Kavanagh's last breath can be used as a substitute for "Heavy panting" for even more map coverage.

"No counter-play"

"Torn bookmark" + "Jenner's last breath"

A very niche, yet effective combination. "Jenner's last breath" uses one blink charge to go back to your original state, meaning that if you happen to miss you first blink, you can tap the secondary button to have a second shot at hitting that pesky survivor who thought running to you was a bright idea.

"Time and space"

"Pocket watch" + "Heavy panting"

More time to charge your blink equals more distance. Simple and effective.

"Ambulance" (Please don't)

"Spasmodic breath" + "Matchbox"

Basically, you will go fast.

"Nowhere to hide"

"Anxious gasp" + "Metal spoon"

For those with good hearing, you'll enjoy this combination. Reveal them by blinking, hit them for the loud noises. There is no escape.


"Ataxic respiration" + "Dark cincture"

The combined reduced cool-down between blinks with the reduction of fatigue allows one to have numerous chances to get a hit.

"Target acquired"

"Heavy panting" + "Bad man's keepsake"

"Bad man's keepsake" reveals survivors healing in a range of 28 meters, Heavy panting increases your blink range by roughly 30%. Doing the match, your first blink will actually reach 26 meters allowing an unexpected attack from survivors with average reaction times.


"Metal spoon" + "Fragile wheeze"

The increased sound from pained groans is great! Combine it with a fast recovery from blinks and you'll get a very oppressive combination to keep the chase under your control. You will hardly be losing anyone as long as you got decent hearing.

Thank you for reading the guide so far! I'll keep it update to help Nurse players dealing with the current difficulties!

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  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,557

    I really like Whispers on nurse, but a perk that is almost mandatory is not good for the game.. like iron will is almost mandatory to face spirit

    Btw, what if i want to play without add-ons?

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    I used to be an avid no add-on Nurse... but right now? There's really no reason not to use them since like Myers they are a blast to use now.

    Nevertheless, Nurse's kit has still a ton of potential and does sustain itself even without add-ons.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,557

    I just hope i can get good enough to play her to full potential.. (which is much more difficult than mastering old nurse)

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    It will be harder than before since Nurse now does punishes you harshly for any kind of mistake. I'm afraid her player-base will drop a long way since she does requires experience to be effective with.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    I saw someone using Campbell's Last Breath. After just 2 matches with it, he literally wanted to kill himself, that add-on feels so awful. Also, you really consider the add-ons which transform Nurse into Legion and make survivors scream are so high ? I would put then in meme tier. Because they literally just for memes. Both URs are a joke and fatigue add-ons feel a little pointless because you still have a cooldown on your blinks. I always suggest to go for recharge time and range add-ons and maybe Jenner's Last Breath if you play competitive. The rest are for meme builds for the most part.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,557

    I haven't seen a single nurse in 20 - 30 matches after the update.. nurse is truly dead if nobody plays her, regardless how strong she can be

    People are called trash killer for even trying to play her as the beginner. So people are discouraged to learn and master her

    Nobody is willing to waste that much time to master a SINGLE killer (maybe except few like you and me..)

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,092

    Basically just drastically change the way you play her.

    "Slight change" -> drastic character playstyle change

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I tried whispers too, kinda ok. I prefer Discordance tho. Addon list is fine i guess.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,208
    edited November 2019

    To your point about the bullying new Nurse players endure: it's unreal. I didn't start practicing with her until I was already at red ranks with 950 hrs. I'm at the point where I can reliably safety pip with her now, usually a 2k at least. Even then, you'd think the survivors just won the Olympics. It's like survivors think they can make prospective Nurse mains give up early on with enough toxicity. Instead, you end up with a Nurse playerbase with a reputation for being rather unforgiving. I completely understand why. You get to learn your craft for 5 minutes at a time as gens fly, survivors taunt you during endgame collapse, and then you get mocked postgame.

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    I want to clarify this points:

    • Campbell is based solely on the fact that is an instant double blink. YOU are the one that decide whenever you use it or not. The fact that this add-on allows decision making while also having a good power makes it very good for obvious reasons. If it was always a double blink then it would be "meh" tier at max.
    • Spasmodic breath could be considered a meme, but the fact that you can start a chase with the advantage of one hit AND the fact that your fatigue post-hit is faster than any killer weapon cleaning animation makes it viable.
    • Anxious gasp scream hitbox is VERY generous. I happened to blink around just to roam the map and I happened to find many survivors this way. The potential of this thing is immense and completely nullifies a part of the game that hinders Nurse, which is stealth.

    On the other hand, I agree that the recharge and range add-ons are quite stronger than anything else.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,091

    How do you deal with the camera shake and rubber banding after every blink?

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    I don't know what you're talking about... is it something that has to do with fatigue?

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,115

    Can you explain Jenner's last breath and why you list that as good? I am far from a nurse main but survivors who run at you, aim down, so i kinda am baffled that actually someone finds that this is something good?

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,091

    What's your ping to the servers? I can see camera shuttering at 60 ping and rubber banding above 90.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    About Campbell's Breath, he literally was afraid to fully charge his blink because he would miss survivors this way and he would much better prefer to have control over his blinks than being teleported randomly. Also, this add-on is a little bit buggy, I saw him double blinking even when he didn't fully charge his blink and that also screw him over. It's really not a good add-on.

    About Spasmodic Breath, it will work once, but after survivors know you have, they free to loop for 1 minute. An add-on that literally transforms her in Legion isn't worth more than meme tier.

    And the scream add-on also seems quite gimmicky, maybe it can be surprisingly useful at times, but I still wouldn't rate it that high.

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    By logic, during a chase, survivors tend to run towards you while they see you charging a blink for too long. Jenner's completely negates this possibility thus making chases harder for survivors if they are in the open. I tried it out and it worked wonders everytime against red rank survivors too.

    Is it bugged for real? I honestly haven't noticed. Anyhow, I'll update the list once I get to see it myself.

    Spasmodic breath isn't terrible as it seems. But I'll consider your opinion and perhaps move it to "Meh" tier. It's not a troll add-on tho, since the potential is there.

    The scream add-on is great, I'll repeat it again and again.

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,131

    As someone who mained Nurse back when I played in 2017, I hate, hate, HATE that she's another "add on required" killer now. I don't enjoy throwing points into level 50 webs when I've got the perks I want on that killer. As a result, I'm extremely stingy with my add ons. I've gotten really good with add on-less Doctor and people claim he's the most dependent on them, but Clown, Trapper (bags)...haven't figured out how to make them good without add ons so I don't play them hardly ever. New base Nurse feels really bad...if add ons make her viable, then she's pretty much a dead killer to me, despite being a previous favorite. All killers need to be viable with no add ons. Nurse was a shining example, and they've gone and ruined it.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    That bug happened only once to be hair, but it still make him lose a chase because of that.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    If you can do well with add-onless Doctor ( which is garbage ) you definitely can sti do well with add-onless Nurse. But you might want to throw Ruin and other stall perks in case you get a big map like Rotten Fields.

  • JacksonWiseJacksonWise Member Posts: 243

    Thanks for the guide! I play on console and absolutely struggle with nurse. I hope I can handle her better with the add-on changes. They at least give her more more gameplay styles to choose from which is always more fun!

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,097

    I actually like the anxious grasp considering I'm nowhere near a nurse main.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    I just use spasmodic breath. It lets me blink twice for map pressure, and if I land a hit I don't have to worry about blinking again. I can just hold W and win :D. Slap on bamboozle and spirit fury enduring and you'll never lose. Nurse OP!!!

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,499

    The devs were out of line with this nerf. I appreciate what you're trying to do here, but the devs should revert the base kit nerf.

    Which means we should focus on trying to get the devs to undo the damage they have done.

    At the very least, they need to remove the cool down on her blinks. Adding a longer fatigue or shortening her lunge would be more acceptable nerfs (although still not necessary imo).

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,004

    Hmm just want to say that spasmodic breath makes you to move like doctor in punishment mode. So it's not really worth of it if you're good with blinks

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    Update: Combos for add-ons have been added! This were personally tried by me during trials and hope that can help you guys deciding whatever fits you the most.

    Unfortunately, they went this way and we'll just have to adapt.

    Don't get your hopes too high and don't get discouraged. Nurse is still strong!

    It has it's uses... but I agree it's overshadowed by better add-ons.

  • JetTheWaffleCatJetTheWaffleCat Member Posts: 255

    I love Anxious Gasp for the memes and the extra bps. I have yet to blink through a hiding survivor I wouldn't find if I didn't have the addon.

    The base kit changes were a little crazy, but understandable; however, it hasn't been too bad for me to adapt to, I'm just trying to derust and relearn Nurse after not playing her regularly for like a year or so.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Pocket Watch doesn't increase the distance of your blinks, I think it only makes the chain blink last longer to have more chances to get a hit.

    And Spasmodic Breath and Matchbox stacks ?

  • NurseMainBTWNurseMainBTW Member Posts: 531

    By making the chain blink last longer, you have more time charge your second blink which is increased by "Heavy panting" and "Kavanagh".

    Spasmodic breath and Matchbox do not stacks. Spasmodic breath will take over Matchbox once you hit a survivor.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    I don't that's it works. It would definitely specify this in the add-on description.

    And too bad they don't stack.

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