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Petition to keep the spinning killer in Lobbys!

AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,275

So many details I haven't seen up close. The panda nurse headpiece, I had no idea how it actually looked because it's kinda fades in the customisation screen.

Petition to keep the spinning killer in Lobbys! 37 votes

I like spinning my killer around to see how they look
Mc_Hartyvampire_toothyBossRizzo90White_OwlGibberishStevoPandomFibijeanDaddyTrappersGirlGamer00InnCognitoAshleyWBAlmoTheHoodiedOneantgnsteapootis_BearGrootDudeABannedCatBoosted_Dwight 36 votes
I don't care
Sblitcher 1 vote
I think being able to see how my killer character looks is dumb


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