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A guide to Hag's Addons

Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 397

So I wanted to do my christian duty by helping aspiring Hag mains to choose through the many addons that she has and tell them the must haves and the don't addons.

The Hag is one few lucky killers where most of her good addons are The Brown,Yellow and Green but her purple and pink addons are………...Choices. 

Let’s Began with The Sets 

The First Set and easily her best set of addons in the game is Increased Teleportation Range set Or The Dead Insect Set . This Set includes Dead Fly Mud which is a Common, Dragonfly Wings Which is an Uncommon and Finally Dried Cicada which is a Rare. These addons will allow you to cover more map and will keep the suviors on their tippy toes on all times. I usually run Dead Fly Mud when I’m just playing casually or just don’t care what addons I’m using. Same with Dragonfly Wings but I do like to pair Dragonfly Wings with The Dried Cicada to basically cover the whole map. Dried Cicada is probably the Best Addon for Hag because she can almost cover the whole map(Some maps like Temple of Purgation are huge so even the dried cicada won’t help you cover those maps, unless you pair it with dragonfly wings.) and will help get even more hits and downs.

The Second Set of addons we’ll be looking at is The Reduce setting speed Set A.K.A the Necklace Set. This Set Includes Rope Necklace which is a common, The Cypress necklace which uncommon and lastly The Swamp Orchid Necklace which is a rare. I use all of necklaces in most of my matches and There all equally good because the less time setting down traps, more time to eat survivors.


The Third Set of Addons we’ll be looking at is the Longer Effective Trap Range or, As I like to call it, The Nasty Water Set. The Nasty Water Set includes Bog water which is a common, Bloodied Water which is an uncommon and finally Bloodied Mud which is a rare. To be perfectly honest, This set will probably [BAD WORD] you up more than help. Bog Water barely does anything but Bloodied Water and Bloodied Mud are meh, they make you change your trap placement which can get really annoying. Bloodied Water is good for protecting Hex Totems or getting your traps to triggered. But I wouldn't recommend getting these addons unless you’re running a hex build or running the aura addons. 

The Fourth Set we’ll be looking at is Longer Triggered Trap Time or The Egg set. The Egg set Includes The Powdered Eggshell which is a common, The Half Eggshell which is an uncommon and The Cracked Turtle Egg Shell which is a rare. These Addons are good for cheesy Mind Games. I like to run Cracked Turtle Eggshell because if a survivor is looping a pallet they get really confused because they think you teleported to that trap and they’ll run or valut back into your loving arms. 

The Fifth and final set of addons we’ll be looking is the aura reading addons or as I Like to call them “The Trippy Willows”. The Trippy Willow set includes the Pussy Willow Catkins which is uncommon and The Willow Wreath which is Rare. I personally understand why other Hag mains run these addons to help catch out survivors who triggered a trap and they were to far away to teleport to that trap. But I personally don’t run these add ons because I could be using a better add on like Dragonfly Wings or Rope Necklace.

Now Let’s finish the addon section with her purple and pink addons which are pretty lacklustre.

Butcher’s Hand,Very Rare 

This Addon Basically allows your Mud Twin to have conclusion with survivors but you can not teleport to your trap. Even though this might sound good on paper but without waterlogged shoe, This addon this will a M1 killer with 110% movement speed. But what this addon can do real well is blocking off entries and cut off from using loops to their full advantage. Even with that huge benefit, you’re still a 110% M1 killer with no map pressure. I would save your bloodpoints for something else unless you’re doing the bodyblocker build(which I’ll talk about later)

Gramma’s Heart,Very Rare

Basically whenever a trap is triggered you lose terror radius for 16 seconds. This addon is pretty much useless. Everytime I use this addon I can barely see a difference. This addon is very situational and needs a buff.

Disfigured Ear,Very Rare

 Every time a Trap is triggered they suffer the obvious effect for 6 seconds. This addon is surprisingly fun when pair with rusty shackles but by itself it’s really meh. If you teleport to the trap they knew you're there so the oblivious effect is useless and if you plan on ambushing them with this addon, the obvious is probably worn off already. A buff I would recommend is to make the obvious effect last 10 seconds.     

Rusty Shackles,Very Rare 

This addon basically removes your mud twin. This addon is good if you like to get a surprise on the survivors but This takes away The camera flix that would usually catch survivors off guard. But I would personally pair this the Mint Rag or Dried Cicada for a Unhook this or Hex protector build. 

Waterlogged Shoe, Ultra Rare

This Addon increases your speed to 115% and make survivors who triggered a trap suffer the hindred effect but takes away your ability to teleport to your traps. I actually had fun running this by itself(yes without Butcher’s Hand) even though it’s not the best addon it’s sure as hell is a fun one. I would recommend pairing this addon with bloodied water to get more use out the hindred effect.  

Mint Rag, Ultra Rare

It gives you the ability to teleport to any trap on the map but if you teleport to a trap, it will have a 15 second cooldown. This Basically makes Hag the Demogorgon on crack. When using addon, I recommend placing down traps as the demogorgon’s portals. In my opinion, I don’t find this addon as fun as Waterlogged Shoe or even Rusty Shackles.   

I hope this helps someone and Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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