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Spirit: upcoming (not needed) nerf

Now that some "changes" are coming to her, we all know this means a nerf; and, in my opinion, an unnecessary one.

The Spirit was created as a mindgame killer, and now a lot of people is complaining just about that, saying stuff like "no counterplay", "no skill", "50/50 chances", etc.

I've played with her for a long time, and I can say without a doubt that, in fact, she does have A LOT of counterplay: slow vaulting back after a quick vault, walking in opposite directions, lead scratch marks to other way, etc. Any succesfull mindgame you pull on her will cause the killer a very big time waste. And contrary to popular belief, pulling one is not hard.

You are not "guessing" when playing against her, or rather: you SHOULDN'T be guessing when playing against her. Use your brain, think of ways to trick her and you'll see how much you improve.

I recommend using spine chill (inb4 the "i shouldnt be using a perk just for one killer" outcry), that one single perk tells you when she's phasing making your life ten times easier.

Another thing I want to talk about is that I don't think she's "overperforming", do devs know when players die after trying or if they just give up mid-game? Because a lot of people do instead of getting good and unpredictable.

If I had to guess, I'd say that people don't like facing Spirit because you don't loop her on a conventional way (W around a pallet), but she can still be "looped".

I've faced her on purple ranks many times and most of them I had a lot of fun, pulling succesfull mindgames on a chase is satisfying and you leave her without power making her waste time.

The Spirit is not a 50/50 killer, you have to think what you're doing, otherwise you're turning yourself and your team in.


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