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PC Tourney with CASH PRIZE all skill levels welcome

EllysettaEllysetta Member Posts: 1

The tournament is arranged as a simple team versus team contest with the survivor team and the killer who scored the lowest number of pre bonus blood points in the round being eliminated.

Each survivors score in your team will be added together to give your total team score for the round, whichever team has the lowest score will be knocked out of the tournament. The remaining groups then play further rounds until only the champions remain.

There is a registration fee of USD $2 to enter. ALL FEES WILL GO TOWARDS PRIZES. Winners will receive a $10 steam voucher. If you would like to enter the tournament just for fun all comers are welcome but any who do not pay the fee WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE FINAL PRIZE

To learn more about the tournament head out to www.dbdtournament.co.uk for full details. The website has a link to our Discord server where you complete your registration. All entrants MUST READ the rules/regulations and all registration details. Once you have done so please click the emote at the bottom of this text and you will be assigned a role. By clicking on this you are indicating that you have read the required content and agree to the terms.

Any questions please feel free to message me or pop onto our discord for a chat with one of our admin team :) See you all in the fog!

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