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Why I don't like the Nurse changes

ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 295
edited November 2019 in The Nurse

I've said why I don't like Nurse changes in one of the threads but I'd like to give detail on that.

First of all, I've never really been a Nurse main but I played her from time to time and it was fun. Now - not so much. I won't talk much about balance because I'm simply not very good so I'll try to tell instead why I no longer find the Nurse enjoyable.

It's gonna be long post. I'll try to give a tl;dr below but it won't be as detailed as the whole post.

So what does the change with blink recharge give us? It pretty much doubles the fatigue time with the exception that during the second half of that time you can see normally and move at your snail-like 3.96 speed. But due to that speed you can't do anything meaningful and simply have to wait for your blinks to recharge. So that change is anything but slight.

That's my problem with the current Nurse - a lot of waiting.

Also it's more that 6 six seconds between blinks. It's 2.5 sec of the fatigue, 3.5 of recharge and 1-2 seconds of charging = 7-8 seconds of waiting. And while you might not even notice that after one blink, you most likely will after 20 blinks.

Maybe to someone it's fine, but to me it's just boring.

Just some math to her recharge time. Let's take it as 7 seconds of waiting after each blink and imagine that we do 50 blinks per match with half of them being 1-blinks that take 4 sec of waiting after. 25*4+25*7=275 seconds = 4 min 25 sec - that's how long per game you are in a state when you can do pretty much nothing. In a 10-15 min game.

Obviously the numbers are quite approximate but they can give you the understanding that around a third of the game you'll be doing nothing. Once again, boring.

Yes, addons can help with that but imo they should be there to make gameplay more diverse and interesting, not to be a bandaid fix to a character's problems.

Now if we take addons - some of them try ti help with the recharge waiting, most of the others are just bad. There are a few "speed limiters", a few that make her use the second blink at once uncontrollably or ones that makes Nurse from a unique killer into a generic one(I sense a huge Legion nerf vibe with that one) It feels like devs tried something but the result is... meh.

Tl;dr waiting sucks. And with the Nurse there is too much of it for me. If the killer who does nothing a 1/3 of a game is for you - go for it, but I don't like that.

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