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Smart Random Build Generator (SRBG) for Dead by Daylight

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What is "Smart Random Build Generator" and Why Should I Use It?

Smart Random Build Generator (SRBG) is a user-friendly perk roulette tool for Dead by Daylight game that can be used to:

  • generate useful random builds using varied features
  • store and manipulate builds in a database (9000+ predefined builds loaded at start)

Most related tools generate pure random builds which are hardly ever interesting/efficient because lots of perks are either trash or just incompatible.

By contrast, SRBG will create useful random builds if desired:

Widget feature is also available for more convenient use of SRBG within the game

SRBG can randomly chose the side (Survivor or Killer) and character for your next game

Both number of perks in each build and number of builds to generate can be fine tuned

Some interesting features and constraints can also be enabled on both sides:

  • constraints for classes of perks (required perk from varied classes in designed build)
  • character-based synergy rules (impact of selected character while generating a build)
  • perk-based synergy rules (impact of selected perk on the next one)

Constraints for classes of Perks: at least 1 perk from related class is required in generated build

  • Survivor constraints 1 (SURVIV_1): perks related to healing
  • Survivor constraints 2 (SURVIV_2): perks to increase survival
  • Survivor constraints 3 (SURVIV_3): perks to help during chases
  • Survivor constraints 4 (SURVIV_4): perks to reveal killer or environment auras

  • Killer constraints 1 (KILLER_1): perks to slow-down the game
  • Killer constraints 2 (KILLER_2): perks to help during chases
  • Killer constraints 3 (KILLER_3): perks to detect survivors
  • Killer constraints 4 (KILLER_4): perks to have some advantage during late game

Synergy Rules: enable synergy rules during the creation of a build

There are perk-based and killer-based synergies (both favorable and unfavorable rules are available)

Examples of killer-based synergies:

Examples of perk-based synergies:

It is also possible to generate pure random builds by disabling all these previous features:

Generated builds can be easily saved in a build database for future use:

Active builds can also be exported as png picture (e.g. favorite builds for each character)


Smart Random Build Generator does not interact at all with DbD game and/or files, so it is 100% safe regarding EAC anti-cheat !

Smart Random Build Generator is available from popular GitHub website:

A pre-compiled file ( SRBG.jar ), including all required data, can be downloaded here

Full Tutorial

A complete tutorial is also available either on Steam Guide or within the tool


Thanks a lot for reading my guide !

I hope you will find my SRBG tool useful to vary your gameplay !

See you in the Fog ;)


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