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A Killer Power Idea

SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

(Looking for someone to create a killer with a power that uses this. If this would not work for a power, maybe tweek them so that they can be perks.)

  1. Killer can see scratch marks for walking (but not crouching) in Yellow and hear louder injured sounds, but move 105% or 110% speed while in Stance 1.
  2. Killer can get survivor blood from the ground or a hook (collect, lick, whatever(permanent until use on hooks, temporary on ground)) to move faster, and have 120% - 125% speed while in Stance 2 (Cannot attack in Stance 2 unless fully charged with blood).

This is my first ever killer idea, but I never have been good with creating backstories, so I would appreciate some help and/or criticism with making a new killer idea.

I have no idea what kind of perks could go along with this, but that's why this is a discussion, not a post.


  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    This could be abused quickly, stance 1 can be countered by urban evasion, and if blood, the speed can be completely abused, on the other hand, stance 1 as I said, the power becomes something killers will over rely on and survivors can just crouch to victory

  • DalberggDalbergg Member Posts: 27

    Not good with drawing but im gonna try. Once im done i'll post it on this thread.

    Im thinking creature smelling close to the ground in stance one like some kind of hound and the same creature stooping and a tail drawling behind it for stance two.

    It should have be kind of like a furry demogorgon, but without the huge claws and with different legs + a huge tail.

    If anyone else can draw please help me out!

  • DalberggDalbergg Member Posts: 27

    As i said not an artist. I just drew a quick sketch in Microsoft Paint, with mouse, and it kinda shows my concept. Gonna try on paper soon. Added some ears and octupus head.

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