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What's the best build to avoid 2nd hook?

GravnosGravnos Member Posts: 105

Due to an issue with my hands I cannot play survivor any more. The struggle mechanic is too difficult and causes a lot of pain. I really want to get the survivor side of The Archives done but I basically come pre-equipped with my own Mori since I won't survive the struggle.

What's the best build you can think of to help me avoid the struggle as much as possible? I'll go full immersion if needed. :(


  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Not sure what platform you are on but you could always try a controller with an "auto-fire" option. Madcatz controllers usually have something like this where you can just hold the button and it mashes for you. Could also try macros on PC but I'm not sure about the "legality" of this. IMHO the struggle phase should be opt-out instead of opt-in. Even as a fully abled person, you get instances where you just die because of a lag spike or something. It's dumb.

    As far as perks to avoid second hook, I think your only option here is DS. Could also take Dead Hard to extend the chase, Self Care (or a medkit) to heal yourself after you get saved, or Bond so that you can try to pawn the killer off on another survivor (though they might not like you for this).

    If I were you I'd look into new control options. You might even have some accessibility options depending on your platform that can help.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314


    You can try a stealth build that focuses on working around the Killer and avoiding them...

    You'd either use Urban Evasion (Or Fixated), Balanced Landing (Or Sprint Burst), Self Heal, (Or bring a med-kit), and Quick and Quiet.

    Or, you can try a "Houdini" build that focuses on losing the Killer in a chase. That build is Lithe (A Feng Min perk), Dance With Me (A Kate Denson perk), Quick and Quiet (A Meg perk), And Head On (a Jane Romero perk.) Use a Med-Kit with this build as well... since unlike the stealth build, you won't be able to heal yourself since you don't have Self heal. You'll either need other Survivors to help you, or you heal yourself with a med-kit.

    The stealth build, like I said... works on avoiding the Killer at all costs and playing "immersed." The Houdini Build focuses on playing normally, but in a pinch you can use it to vault a window and run far away leaving no Scratch marks thanks to "Dance with me." Quick and Quiet is to hide in a locker soon after, and Head On is a last resort to stun them if they were to find you.

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