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My problem with this community.

I have encountered an average killer (a Wraith) that played fairly: no camping/slugging/tunneling. I was playing with two friends and a random guy that acted really toxic towards the killer for the whole entire game.

This guy played Jake Park and he realised the fact that the killer is not good at ending loops, so he started acting toxic: tea bagging after pallet drops and flashlight blinding which were completely unnecessary.

The killer has menaged to hook him twice but still didn.t face camp or some stuff like this. A really nice guy if u ask me.

In the end, we all escaped and Jake typed "ez" in chat. I tried to tell the killer that he played nice and gg but, the Wraith straight up disconnected after seeing that ez.

Honestly, this affected me too and got me pissed. I hate people like this.


  • AngeleouAngeleou Member Posts: 350

    That's just the Dbd community in general at this point

    Its sucks but notoriety was the worse thing that happened to this game. All it did was bring in troves of nasty people

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