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Killers with bad connection manipulate the hit registration

NoxNox Member Posts: 5
edited January 6 in Other

Platform: PC (Probably consoles too?)

Description of the issue:

I already made a ticket to, but they said I should rather post it here. So here we go.

I have a technical background and a good understanding on how dedicated servers work. I'm pretty sure - based on my observation - that dead by daylights hit registration is client sided. This is a big No-No when it comes to dedicated servers. With client sided hit registration the servers preferring people, especially killers with a bad connection. The hit registration should always be server sided, killers can manipulate their connection to exploit the client side hit registration.

I've encountered a killer with a bad connection and recorded a video of it, luckily the round got canceled but damage on the game play experience was done.

Please have a visit on the recording I've made: - 0:00 to 4:13

Please make the hit registration server sided. If your hit registration is already server sided (but I really doubting it), then I don't know where and how you [BAD WORD] that up.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Killer's having a bad connection.

How often does this occur: Very often.

PS: also fix Hitboxes.

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  • NoxNox Member Posts: 5
    edited January 10

    I'm gonna bump this, because the devs don't seem to be very interested in this issue so far.

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  • NoxNox Member Posts: 5
    edited January 16

    bump. Killers can still hit survivors 10 meters away if they have a bad connection or manipulating their speed with external programs (like netlimiter) in order to manipulate the hit registration.

    Make the hit registration server sided!

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