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About exclusive skin free distribution

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I have something to say about this update

Spirit adjustment, this would be great !!

The problem is free distribution of exclusive skin

I think it's not good to distribute it for resale.I think there are few, but people who got by regular route will not be rewarded.

So I thought..I hope to set an expiration date on the code.

Moreover, even if you distribute exclusive skin for free, the problem of resale is not over.

・Diahype nea Shirt code

・Omega wraith code

・Bloodletting Shirt code


・Artifact skin account

These codes and accounts will continue to be sold even if Exclusive skin is distributed for free...

Free distribution of exclusive skin,So it ’s all meaningless.

I think that people who went to the event site and got exclusive skin are sad ;c

Rethink even a little

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exclusive skin
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