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Is there going to be any rework on the offering system?

akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

I feel like it really needs some tweaking and recommend a few things.

1.Killers get 2 offerings and their offerings are always hidden.

2. Map block offerings, (prevent a map type to be chosen).

3. Luck and other survivor offerings needs more agency in the game, but not overwhelming. I'd recommend a gold chest add on that always has a rare item. A spawnable 1 use shrine that gives a random buff/exhaustion recovery it will look like the lanterns from the lunar event. Spawnable point farming boxes.

4. New Killer offerings that manipulate rng spawns. Secondary basement offering, pallet reduction 1-3(yellow-ebony), 1 gen removal (ebony), a dummy hex totem (it's a fake hex totem that gives normal bp), Entity vault block reduction to 2 vaults per location.

I think this would be fair and give killers not so much "power" but little edges that would help them in the overall game and give survivors some counterbalance and gimmick things they can spawn into the match.


  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,133

    I think Devs said that offerings shouldn't change the game to much. But some of these ideas seem interesting, especially the shrine one with an rdm buff. But I think the Killer should get it also.

    Like 5 % increased movement speed for 60 seconds

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,796
    edited November 2019

    Most offerings are counter balanced so each side playing one he an option to play something similar to negate it.

    The main issue is offerings stacking which I think should be changed as an SWF can coordinate offerings for certain maps or mist. Solo queue yourself see any similar offering as people use what they feel benefits themselves.

    The gen offering I really don't like as it helps weaker killers but makes more mobile ones stronger. With how offerings work it would also then in theory need a counter to give survivors an offering to add more gens which would make all killers weaker. It would also be the go to offering making them meta which ruins diversity with what you will see.

    Going on the principle that offerings that add have an exact counter of removal on both sides each of the other suggestions would mean there could be less instead of more of what you posted and even changes how they stack it means survivors could play a less gen, less totem, increase entity blocker and all in one match. Be careful what you wish for.

  • SkeletonWitchSkeletonWitch Member Posts: 89

    All offerings (from each side) should be hidden.

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    my thoughts going into it was it's a 1v4 game, but survivors get 4 offerings and the killer gets one. The other issue on the killer side is the map rng and it would be nice to just mitigate a bulk of that rng or frustrations with some new offerings. The survivors would have similar map blockings so you could literally have 5 maps being blocked. The bulk of offerings are just for bp gains anyway, but I feel like the Devs could expand on this without binary power levers. Ebony moris already exist and I feel like all the killer offerings I recommended would just help killers get better rng on certain situations and reduce chase time in some circumstances.

    I racked my brain about Luck for survivors, possibly a Technician effect that prevents skill fails or something similar to help lower skilled survivors?

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    I considered that, most survivor offerings are pretty tame and also problematic to survivors (I've gotten a quick 4k with a vigos shroud and a haunted grounds lol). The issue with it on the killer side is specifically with Mori's, many players will dc if they see one which is annoying if you have a daily. If they hid all the offerings no one will know what they came in with unless it's swf which in my mind, just gives more power where there's already a power imbalance.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,228

    This, way too many opponents and teammates quit on a secret killer offering assuming it’s a Mori

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,796

    That's what I was commenting on.

    The offering system for the most part is a counter balance system but it's skewed with stacking so reworking that alone helps killers more. With that in mind you really can't add less gens, more totems etc without having one which has the opposite effect as it goes against what the system is and just looks to break the balance more.

    Making more stronger add-ons due Ebony Mori's being in the game is not a great idea as things like that make the game harder to balance rather than help with it.

    Rng also isn't good for the game in that sense as when its about the luck of what you get in a bloodweb rather than knowledge or skill of the game which should be the main basis. The game would need to then be balanced also on what you could use so without certain things you inherently will become weaker.

    Offerings should not be game changing in anyway as like I said players will gravitate to just use what gains them an advantage so you end up with meta offerings.

    The blocking of map discussion has been something which has been brought up many times. The typical conversation on them is that Killers would probably just look to ban haddonfield on most games and survivors would want to ban maps killers sided and since there are four of them the chances of you getting a killer sided map becomes less. That actually works more in the favour of survivors than killer in theory.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,530

    I'd rather rework rank than this

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