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The Nurse is being ignored



  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 444

    It's actually quite satisfying seeing all the nurse mains scramble to try and convince themselves that what the devs did to the nurse was bad.

    I am a 50/50 player (more like 95/5 now, because survivor queues are so terrible), and what I've suspected/known for a long time now is that so many of the nurse players I faced in red ranks before the nurse change were pretty darn boosted. They relied on nurse's extreme power and extreme lack of punishment for missing blinks to do well and stay in a rank they actually shouldn't have been in. Someone said above that nurse was respected and feared..? Not...really....she was despised and often a killer used by people who wanted the 'pOWeR RoLe' (easy wins).

    Nurse was the best killer in every facet of the game. Now she actually has drawbacks.

    Statistics said that of all red rank killers 20-25 percent of them were nurses before her change. That was absurd, and evident of the problem everyone except nurse mains were painfully aware of. Now it's much less (which is a good thing). Know which other very strong killer is very rarely played? Hag. Know why? Because she is HARD to actually play well. You need a strong understanding of every map, loop, when to chase and when to back off and set traps. If you don't understand how survivors play, you will get wrecked as Hag. Now all those boosted nurse players have given up ("it's not fun anymore!!!), because now her level of difficulty, and reward for playing well are equally balanced. And, like hag, her punishment for failure is high.

    Before, if nurse didn't get a map like Haddonfield or Yamaoka, a nurse could dominate full, optimal, skilled SWF teams just due to her amazing chase potential, map presence, and everything that made nurse Nurse. A good nurse player could do this while getting 12 hooks in the game, which is an absolute domination. If the kill average is meant to be 2 kills, 2 escapes (which is a good goal), Nurse was over performing to an absurd degree. A good nurse would ALWAYS beat good solo players - if the nurse player played well enough (regardless of how skilled the survivors were), and absolutely had the advantage over SWF teams (if the map wasn't bad). If anyone mentions the depip squad, it just shows you didn't watch any of the games they played against nurse.

    To the people who say nurse is easy to beat now: maybe nurse isn't for you.

    To the people who say 'just run straight:' stop spreading misinformation.

    To the people who say nurse is no longer fun: now the nurse is deserving of the 'HARD' listed next to the difficulty warning on her character profile. If this small change to her basekit (that left her either equal to, or the 2nd best killer in the game) was enough to change her from super fun to super boring, I don't know what to tell you.

    To all the other nurses: yes, learning nurse is difficult, but winning with her was not. She was rewarded far too much for simply using her kit. Like hag, seeing fewer nurses in red ranks will be perfectly fine with me. They are HARD, HARD killers to master, and judging by the people in this thread, something not done by many.. If the nurse knew how to play, the most common outcome was a 12 hook, 4 kill domination. Her potential to do that every single game was broken. She is in a MUCH healthier state now. The reason the devs aren't answering, I assume, is because the complaints they are reading are irrational. No point responding.

    Finally, to those of you holding out hope that they will revert these changes: they won't. Get used to it, or play a different killer. I hear hag is strong.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 444

    Want to know the reason why I stopped playing nurse a long time ago? Because she basically gave free wins. I've actually started playing her occasionally, now that the survivors have a chance. It's no fun playing the pOWeR RoLe unless it is a single player game.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 4,353

    This topic has a lot of Text Walls.

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,269
    edited November 2019

    Knocking a surv isn't as easy as 1,2,3 when they gave like 8 safe pallets and a giant window loop + shack. All 4 survs are good + u are an m1 killer=gg rip

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246


    Nurse is far easier to beat as survivor, if you are unable to beat her by now you are simply a bad survivor. What does this have to do with maybe nurse isn't for you? I can 4k as a nurse without addons it will simply be a very boring match for everyone involved, all survivors die on first or 2nd hook such fun much wow. Beating a nurse as survivor is hilariously easy, why do you try to argue about that? She is far easier to beat lol. Jukes are easy and you can run her around all stuff that wasn't that easy before and actually required skill on both ends, now do a simple left right and she is unable to respond.

    Haven't seen a single hag. Mind telling me where you get your stats from? Also one can argue that so many nurses have been seen due to the rest of the killers being so trash. The game is way too easy as 4man swf.

    Where do the devs argue any sort of balanceadjustments there? None because they ignore it, they keep deluding people that this is just goofing around with friends (we ended several games yesterday in 5minutes boy i hope these killers had fun).

    I don't understand this hypocrisy. I was fine with nurse changes, now it is spirit. Where are the plans for balance on swf? Probably survivors need cds as well.

    It is cute how you even bring up depip squad when in fact they did beat a couple of nurses during the experiment. So not having 100% escape rate and just 90% and the bottom line for you is yeah nurse needs adjustments and not the ones dominating literally everything but a few nurses? TOP LOGIC. Have you actually seen the depip videos at all or do you just spread misinfo about it in hopes that nobody else did watch it?

    Oh yeah no point responding? I state the oppposite, if something is irrational and easy to debunk, a quick answer will do. Strange that they are unable to do so. But hey even if an answer comes, when it is around the statements of swf is fine due to goofing around and 2 legion addons were making take mending too long so we made huge adjustments and buffs to survivors instead of changing those addons... yeah i understand why they keep silent about it.

    What is the healthy state she is in right now? It is a dumb boring game as and against her.


    What you seem to forget in the video that I made is the fact that due to the way how she works now you can also juke her much much easier. So this chase, simulates only catching up, however when you know what you do as survivor you know that you have to juke all 3-4 double blinks. Doing that is ridiculous easy now. The video also did not include any exhaustion perks of any kind.

    As a survivor who understands nurse and her limits right now it is possible to run this killer for way too long. This has nothing to do with skill, it is mindnumbing boring.

    Please stop to argue she ignores survivors defenses, which isn't true. Nurse never robbed survivors of their movement which in the end is their biggest defense.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    Don't hope for an answer, so far BHVR has ignored everything related to nurse.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,995

    If survivors got killed by base nurse before nerf, it's entirely their fault. Base nurse had counterplays, but people refuse to learn it because it is HARD.

    Why killers have to get over hard things (ex: learning nurse, deal with braindead loops) while survivors don't? Ask yourself, is it fair?

    While you're at it, i must say 2 kill 2 escape is NOT a good goal. For example, survivors can suicide on hook, making the statistics invalid. If you think this is a good goal, then make the emblem system only based on kills (like previous if i'm not mistaken), and you'll realize how ridiculous it is

    Devs have so many ways to nerf her, but they choose the cooldown, the most unfun nerf for nurse. That's the main problem why we say "nurse is not fun to play", not because she can't kill.

    If you think our reasons are "irrational", then have it your way because "irrational" people don't care what you think.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,995

    So do you enjoy free wins against weak killers? Do you enjoy free wins against m1 killers on god loops and windows? Why don't you suicide if you're against these killers or refusing to use these loops in order to give them a chance to win?

    And you said you win too easily as nurse, right? Why don't use add-ons that reduces the blink range and lunge to give survivors "more chance"? And don't bring any perks because "nurse is op"

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    LOL I saw survivors suiciding on hooks against Nurses who were using these BP add-ons. The funny thing is, if they wouldn't done that, they would very probably won.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 444


    Bad nurses have always been easy to beat. Once you face a good one you'll see what I'm talking about. Watch some of Salgu's nurse games (post-nerf) to see what is still possible as nurse. You'll see all these people bemoaning the nurse nerfs are making a mountain out of a molehill. You don't have to play in a boring way to do well, unless you get a terrible map (Haddonfield, Ormond, etc). But I, a huntress main, don't think getting a bad map means my killer should get a buff.

    Last time devs released stats it showed nurse at that percentage played in red ranks. Not bothered to look for it again, though.

    I've already mentioned it many times, but SWF strength comes from how bad SO many of the maps are. Maps get fixed, and suddenly there will be no problem. I don't even play in a SWF, but I've played against many, many many, all at rank 1. If the map is decent, you always have a chance as killer.

    Yes, actually I did watch all of the depip squad's nurse games. If you haven't, you should. You'll see exactly what I mean.


    The emblem system being broken has nothing to do with the state of balance between killer and survivor.

    Becoming a truly good survivor is as hard as learning nurse. I've met as many truly, truly good survivors as I have players who have truly learned nurse.

    Players really should play both sides equally. Especially on this forum, the killer bias is startling.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 1,668


    A huntress main. I'm glad you have enjoyed a killer that has never been touched. A killer with the most broken, most unfair hitboxes in the game. Hitboxes the size of a semi-truck. There's a reason why so many huntresses throw hatchets in the "general area of the survivor" because they know it might actually hit. A killer that can have up to 8 chances to down survivors, can utlitize instant-throw hatchets, and even an addon to Insta-Down a survivor. How does those addons compare to old nurse and new nurse? Hmmm, no comparison. Now, Nurse can have up to 3 chances but guess what? She can't even use that power properly, it's actually useless because you can't blink through even simple objects such as a barrel. You might want to sit down regarding nurse being so easy and unfair. She's the most mistreated killer in the game, with two major nerfs now and I still hear people saying she's the best. *rolls eyes* If you ever see a toxic camping nurse, don't wonder why.

    There is no killer that can beat good survivors now and that is actually startling to me in a multiplayer game. Old nurse was the only one that could beat good survivors. DBD is like the Titantic, and the survivors like you and devs are going to cause it to sink.

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438

    I would but I don't see any enjoyment playing killers that can give me free wins all the time.

    It was never meant to be an insult, but by you feeling offended, I'm assuming you are also one of those potatoes nurse players. If other players are capable of getting 3k or more each game using the nurse, what do you think I would say against those who are getting 1k with the new nurse each game?

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    She never gave you free wins unless you were using her old busted add-ons.

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438

    That is true, but there is alot to take into consideration when talking about an optimal nurse(spirit or whatever strong killer) player against an optimal surivior team. Such as, is the killer slugging? How long is the chase time? What map? The number of pallets? To talk about good suriviors looping a killer almost endlessly isn't really realistic when the surivior is against a good killer. There is lots of ways a surivior can win against a killer, but there is also lots of ways a killer can win against a surivior. If a killer is capable of finishing the game faster than a surivior team, then I don't really see much of a problem (especially if it is an nurse or spirit).

  • PavilionsPavilions Member Posts: 14

    I have to agree on this. When we used to play against nurses we had fun and it was enjoyable matches when we try to juke the killer or lose him and it was easy to lose the nurse if you know how to play but now we don't even see nurses anymore. I played against one nurse and the poor guy tried his best while we were bullying him and he couldn't catch anyone. I think what happened to nurse is a mistake and we they shouldn't Nerf her. Now no one is playing with her I miss the old nurse games.

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438

    "What you seem to forget in the video that I made is the fact that due to the way how she works now you can also juke her much much easier. So this chase, simulates only catching up, however when you know what you do as survivor you know that you have to juke all 3-4 double blinks. Doing that is ridiculous easy now. The video also did not include any exhaustion perks of any kind."

    A surivior can juke the killer, but in some parts of the video, it looked like you put yourself in a position in which the surivior could not dodge unless they had an exhaustion perk. Also, any type of exhausted perk would be useful against any killer so it isn't much of an big deal. 5 blinks would take like 36 seconds at best which in my opinion would be an accurate number of blinks a nurse should use against a surivior if they don't miss. At highest I expect 8 blinks to be used if the killer was to miss multiple times(so to balance it the surivior would have to mess up juking at times as well) which would be like 72 seconds at best if we are not using add ons.

    "As a survivor who understands nurse and her limits right now it is possible to run this killer for way too long. This has nothing to do with skill, it is mindnumbing boring."

    You can't run them for a long time otherwise I wouldn't call the nurse player a good one. It is possible to counter a bad nurse (very easily), but against someone who is experience with juking, I don't think that would work.

    "Please stop to argue she ignores survivors defenses, which isn't true. Nurse never robbed survivors of their movement which in the end is their biggest defense."

    Nurse has always been slower than a surivior if I recall. I aren't wrong when saying she does ignore all defences a surivior has. To can blink through anything and catch up to a surivior no matter how far.

    To be fair, it does come off as me calling her very "op" and needs a nerf which isn't something km trying to say if you are getting the idea of it.

    Besides by me commenting, it will leave this forum page to be appearing on recent discussion. Increasing the chance of devs to see. So obviously, if they were to change her I'm just commenting to make sure they don't make her more stronger, but more enjoyable.

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438

    I was just using uncommon add ons which allowed me to see my blink location.

  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 906

    they were 2 red and 2 purple ranks, not beginers. but yes, I did have more fun playing her like this because I'm pretty bad at blinking, so being able to down people with nurse was a new and exciting thing for me lol

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,253

    Survivors complaining about RNG in Spirits kit and Nurse counters make playing her a guessing game now...

  • Helevetin_nopeeHelevetin_nopee Member Posts: 408

    ???? Shes still the strongest killer, and fun to play, at least for me.

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