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dc issue

Hi everyone

just wanted to know if there would ever be any action taken against people who dc. it is getting more ridiculous day by day. and if i am to be honest, almost all the time it's survivors who dc. why are some of you like this ? i have a 40/60 survivor/killer play ratio and i know for sure it ruins the whole game when survivors dc. not only killers have to wait way longer in general to get a lobby, but then also some of you dc on the loading screen and sometimes you can't tell if someone dc'ed or just the stupid game is taking longer to boot up and so you waste even more of killer's time ( smart huh ? don't even need to start looping around a pallet to do that ). why do you find it acceptable to dc if things dont go your way, but killers are supposed to keep playing even if you be toxic ? will this issue ever be adressed ? i'm pretty sure the majority of the community is waiting for something to be done. like is it really hard to implement some service to see if someone reaches a dc quota and then temporarily ban them ?


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    Well a few weeks ago I suggested backfilling but if that happened survivors might join a game and have very little time to do anything before an opportunity to escape appears.

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