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Are you also laggy on Dedicated Servers?

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

Recently we all have been playing on Dedicated Servers, which is a good and bad thing.

I've been sometimes extremely laggy, so laggy that the Survivors were standing still with their running animation playing, and then they suddenly teleported to the other side of the map. Sometimes it was so intense that I couldn't even follow them.

As Survivor, the hitboxes are very weird and buggy (nothing really new), but the Killer does the same thing with the walking animation. In one Trial, on Lampkin Lane, I was healing on the balcony of the Myers House, and suddenly went down by an M1, but the Killer was still going up the staircase. Then, they teleported through the window (it was a Trapper), much like the Spirit, and I couldn't wiggle, and I was hanging backwards on the Hook, with my framerate going down like crazy at this moment.

Surprisingly, my ping was very low, 39 ms to be precise. I don't know what eventually causes this lag, did you experience something similar too?


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