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Doctor window grab bug mid summer patch

GandyManGandyMan Member Posts: 28
edited July 2018 in PC

The video below shows the bug

I was able to grab a survivor from the other side of the railing thru the window. Haven't been able to recreate or test or other killers/situations.



  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    I guess that happens since grabs are proximity based? Still don't know how the proximity doesn't take into account if there is a wall between a survivor and a killer. So you haven't been able to recreate this or just that you haven't tried yet?

  • GandyManGandyMan Member Posts: 28

    I was thinking because it was the doctor and the shock treatment, perhaps that may have brought an unwanted scenario in when the game thinks i'm in grab range.

    This was on a public game and I doubt that they will allow me to get that again, will try and link up with a few friends to recreate.

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