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Spirit changes + Balanced landing.



  • ZumzZumz Member Posts: 67
    edited December 2019

    It sounds like you've never gone against a stealth killer if you think he only has a cue when he's close. Myers walks slower when he stalks, anyone with a brain and eyes can see this. Ghostface will stand still or lean, maybe he's baiting you to run away but hide or run anyways. If you aren't constantly looking around, that's your fault, it's what you're supposed to do when sitting on a generator. Ghostface's mask is, and always has been, very visible. Pig has a pretty loud audio cue before lunging, gives you plenty of time to run around a corner or drop a pallet.

    Spirit doesn't walk slower, she doesn't lean and you don't KNOW what she's doing when she's standing still. She doesn't have an audio cue if you're within certain range. How can she be more stealthy than an actual stealth killer? Doesn't make sense. Guessing and luck isn't a viable counter, never has been. But that's what Spirit is about. Guessing. 🤷

    Spirit's no-sound phase being the only thing she has going for her is ridiculous. You still will not know where she is coming from, where she will appear, if she's still in chase or not. The fact that her phase makes a sound changes NOTHING about her not being visible to anyone. It just gives a pure panic factor, no hope. If anything, she's still incredibly fast during chase and can hit you as SOON as she exits it. Nurse, you can actually see WHERE she's blinking to and WHEN she's blinking, she also had an audio cue at all times. This has always been the case. That didn't stop her from being the strongest killer. Why should it be any different with Spirit?

  • AkiTheKittenAkiTheKitten Member Posts: 666

    Ghostface doesn't have to stand still or lean to stalk, he doesn't even need to stalk. He can get a free hit on people and you don't know where he came from. If you're on a gen and you hear phasing, walk away, don't start a chase if you can't either escape or waste time. I've gone games where I've never been found by Spirits by just not engaging. She does have a sound queue, the vacuum sound. Nurse goes through walls so she needs more sound queues, Spirit doesn't and is weaker than Nurse so she needs less queues

  • ZumzZumz Member Posts: 67
    edited December 2019

    He still walks slow. He walks INCREDIBLY slow and 99% you will see him. I just went into a Ghostface match exactly because of this thread and to prove you wrong. Everyone in end-chat agreed that he does in fact have something to indicate that he is in stalk. If he gets a free hit on you, that's your fault. It's the exact same thing with Pig yet she's still a C-tier killer. Ghostface has a time limit of how often he can sneak up on you, pig and myers don't. But I don't really hear anyone complain because they're counter-able.

    See, here's the problem with ''If you're on a gen, walk away.'' Spirit can hear your footsteps, she can hear your breathing, and if you're injured. No. You CANNOT just walk away. She will hear you, end her phase and immediately get a hit on you and you won't know where she's coming from. And by not engaging in chases, you also do not get enough boldness points. If you just hide, you do not have enough points to get iridescent.

    Here's an example. You would have to be within 5 meters to get points, and by that time, the killer has either found you or left you.

    1 point per second: awarded for being in proximity to the Killer

    • This value is affected by a distance multiplier:
    • within 5 metres: x6.0
    • within 10 metres: x2.2
    • within 20 metres: x1.1
    • within 30 metres: x0.5

    And for chases. 1 point PER second, multiplied, and then multiplied again if you escape. If you can manage to be within 5-10 meters per second, then good job- You might as well get a reward for being the most hidden player.

    1 point per second: awarded for being chased and managing to escape (a Chase is considered ended and successful for the Survivor if the Killer is lost for 5 seconds, points gained during a Chase are banked every 15 seconds)

    • This value is affected by a distance multiplier:
      • within 5 metres: x1.2
      • within 10 metres: x0.6
      • within 20 metres: x0.6
      • within 30 metres: x0.3

    ''x2: multiplier for successfully escaping a Chase''

    And about Spirit being weaker than Nurse? No. The statistics say that Nurse is weaker than EVERY killer, Spirit is in second place and definitely over-played. If you're wondering why people started complaining; it's because they kept getting Spirits, over and over, and no one has found a viable counter but running Iron Will. Even then, your footsteps can be heard, scratchmarks seen and you USED to collide with her. Very fair and balanced. Many counterplays.

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    baby survivor

  • ZumzZumz Member Posts: 67

    tfw you have over 1k hours on dbd and 80% of those are survivor games amirite.

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