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Make Dark Devotion work with Killer Powers

ViolentSh4deViolentSh4de Member Posts: 46

With the new Legion Nerfs, the inability to use Save The Best For Last and Dark Devotion has gutted all build variety for Legion

The worst part was that Legion was the only Killer who made Dark Devotion work, all survivors would stay injured and you would know where they are thanks to Killer Instinct. Having no terror allowed you to shred the entire team after frenzying the obsession, this has straight up gutted Legion and has launched them back into F Tier where the devs think they belong.

This is already stacked on top of the Dark Devotion Nerf/Bug where you lose your timer after hitting your obsession that came with dedicated servers.

I know the devs couldnt care less about legion or people who play them but a response or something would be amazing, until then im not playing killer.


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