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Oni’s Prestige outfit. Please adjust.

Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 260
edited November 2019 in 3.4.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

Please, PLEASE tweak this before it goes live, I’m actually so disappointed. The Prestige 1 sword looks SO good, and then the other pieces you can’t even tell there has been a difference... this is hands down the worst prestige costume of any killer. I know somebody will likely say “relax prestige doesn’t matter he’ll get better skins over time” and yeah that’s true but for me personally I really like running full prestige because it shows the time and points I’ve dedicated into that killer or survivor, yet you can’t tell with this one. The PTB only just went out today, there is time to adjust this, so PLEASE do something more with him!

@Peanits Any way you can pass this along to somebody in the design team or something?

(images provided for context, the account is not my own)

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