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i have a problem. its been around for months now and it got worse and now i am completely tired of it. i always wait for big updates to see if something has changed but sadly everything stays the same.

my game randomly crashes about every 20 minutes or so and it doesnt matter what map i am playing on or if i am in the menu or not. it just happens. i have played the game on random graphic settings but that doesnt seem to influence anything. the game runs smoothly and everything is perfect until it just crashes and my progress of course is lost. its hard to do the challenges, as you can imagine.

i tried reaching out to the support but i just got one of those emails leading me to their common technical issues quick fix page or sth.

i have tried: reinstalling steam, reinstalling the game, restarting my pc, verifying the integrity of my game files and playing on the lowest graphic settings. nothing has improved even slightly and i am frustrated as hell as i just want to play. please someone help me

my system:


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