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Devs for the love of God just restore Balanced Landing

The issue wasn't the perk, it was the maps. The only place BL could be abused on was Haddonfield (every other BL loop could be mindgamed and ended). The perk is absolutely useless. Now that it's a 1 time use until not exhausted, it becomes exactly like SB and Lithe... Except for the fact that Lithe and SB can be triggered almost anywhere while Balanced can only be triggered in specific spots. Why would anyone ever use BL over the other 2 superior exhaustion perks if not for the passive? That was the only reason people used it despite knowing that you wouldn't be able to use it on most places in the map. Even if you made the 100% silence thing a passive at all times, it would be useless. Oh the killer didn't hear you drop? Cool, too bad you leave scratch marks. Or too bad that there's rarely any windows high up without see through railings. The killer will definitely not see you through those, because you make no sound! :O As Ussylis showed in a recent video, most infinites, like the tractor, are still strong even without Balanced Landing. This further exemplifies that the perk is not at fault here. Instead of taking the easy route that won't actually solve many of these infinites, just change the maps. This perk did not need to be butchered, just change it back.



  • chase131119chase131119 Member Posts: 840

    Haddonfield house? Put doorways instead of windows like they did with other houses, that should fix it. Just don't touch my perk.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,052

    Yup, agree 100%. They're gutting a perfectly fine perk that is not going to be used at all after this nerf goes through.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I read it. Both those perks are situational already. It's not ridiculous. There are times when BL's passive saved people from dying... and it happens a lot. Granted, it's not useful on all maps, but it doesn't need to be (looking at Sheltered woods).

    Exhaustion perks shouldn't be crutches... but they are at the current moment. BL especially.

    Hawkins is a more survivor sided map, and BL makes it broken. Especially in those long rooms with two pallet locations. Survivors can practically infinite loop them if they know what they're doing. Killer's can only really take advantage of it if they're stealth ones... although that's also based on skill too.

    Crotus Prenn can have buy a lot of time for competent survivors. The building has at least 2 pallets on ground floor, and at least 2 on upper floor, and a lot of drops for BL to work. Not to mention that one vault from the observatory area which can buy so much time in a chase if a killer doesn't see it coming. You can loop that building for almost the entire game if you're a good survivor with the right perks. That building is the safest area on the map for survivors.

    Drop windows at the Pantry have fences all around them, making it really hard to chase after them.

    Maybe it'll help if I let you know I play at red ranks, so I have a bit of experience with this... from both perspectives.

  • sailormarssailormars Member Posts: 116

    Okay? There's a difference between a perk saving you and it being broken. You act as if BL should be useless. Yes, of course it's saved you. Just as DH, Head On, SB, and Lithe might save you. That's the point of exhaustion perks.

    They shouldn't be crutches? So any perk that's somewhat useful is automatically a crutch? Cool, let's nerf ruin as it can clutch a win. Also BBQ, noed, Pop, etc. I mean, they really shouldn't do anything useful otherwise they're crutches. They need a nerf now.

    Hawkins is a survivor sided map... Lol. Yes, a map filled with unsafe pallets that get completely ignored by bloodlust is survivor sided. Nice joke.

    There is no place on Hawkins that can be abused. If you drop once with BL and get the spped boost you can certainly extend a loop once, but all the missing railings and the tube drop downs can easily end a loop as the survivor wastes time vaulting while the killer can just drop down. Let's not forget the death trap rooms where the killer can force you to vault and just go back down the stairs for a free hit.

    And you just gave a clear example of an issue with a MAP not Balanced Landing. Of course BL can extend your loop there.but so can Lithe, SB, and every other exhaustion perk. That's not a BL problem, that's a building problem. There is no high window you can vault from that wastes a lot of time so it's not a God BL loop.

    Dude, drop windows on the Pantry ALWAYS have an open fence area right next to it. Those are some of the most unsafe windows on the map even with BL.

    I play red ranks aswell, both sides. I never have more of a problem with BL than SB or any other exhaustion perk. And I never feel like I'm cheating while using it as a survivor unless it's on Haddonfield.

  • sailormarssailormars Member Posts: 116

    The issue isn't gone, though. Haddonfield is still heavily survivor sided as is crorus prenn but that's not a BL issue, that's a map issue.

    Pale Rose can easily be mindgamed lmao. When jumping off the large ship, hide your red stain and cut them off, it's that simple. As for Mothers Dwelling... Please tell me you're not calling the one window above a non-mindegameable strong loop? You van literally just bait them into vaulting the window and catch them by going off the railing to the side.

    Stop projecting. Just because you're horrible at stopping loops, doesn't mean every killer gives up on chases with BL.

    Ah, and this last sentence clearly shows how biased you are. A killer main, obviously. Yes, a perk gets butchered and is clearly inferior to other perks in the same category and you don't bat an eye, but I bet you cried when Spirit and Legion got changed lmao.

  • PandaChrisPandaChris Member Posts: 100
    edited November 2019

    People keep saying its a map issue not balanced landing issue...

    So, the changed balance landing: This prevents the survivor from creating infinites and cheap loops. It allows the survivor to drop down and go to another loop.

    Or your suggestion and so many peoples...keep current balanced landing but all the maps get changed: This prevents the survivor from creating infinites and cheap loops. It allows the survivor to drop down and go to another loop.

    See the difference? I sure dont. People forget if maps get changed it would just be as situational and used the same way.

    Edit - Balanced landing still allows you to safely get to another loop. Essentially its a free time waster for your team. Like DH can work at times and is very good but is high risk vs reward if you dont time it right or use it right. Balanced landing is essentially a 100 percent safe chance at getting to another loop.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065
    edited November 2019

    Or you could just use Lithe and vault a window in literally any of the buildings with multiple levels, and completely ignore the upstairs while gaining distance AND not moving in practically a straight line. Why would I use Balanced Landing there if Lithe would do the exact same thing in the exact same scenario?

  • Jb94Jb94 Member Posts: 148

    I've literally never had a problem with Haddonfield outside of BL abuse. Small pallet loops and loads of ways to creatively interceot survivor routes.

    Pale rose and dwelling couldn't be abused in the same way but the lack of stagger assured 2 solid loops before changing routes. Pale rose window isn't mindgameable lol, do you know which one I'm talking about. The two upper story windows on dwellings have drops that can get you a hit IF the survivor staggers, otherwise there's almost definitely a window nearby they can get to in time. Neither are infinite, both take far too much time from the killer without any application of skill on the part of the survivor.

    So when you play killer (I mean clearly you don't, but I'll play along) you'll happily follow survivors with old BL into structures with multiple drops? And I'm the one with no game sense?

    Check my comment history--I've defended killers nerfs in the past. I can admit when something on my side needs changing--maybe take a leaf from my book instead of lashing out like a baby.

  • PandaChrisPandaChris Member Posts: 100
    edited November 2019

    This doesnt make sense. Lithe always had the more consistent use on maps...even before the balanced landing adjustment.

    Lets use these exact same scenario using Lithe...falling off a hill? Nope doesnt work...dropping off a edge? Nope doesnt work. Can you vault out a window from higher up? Sure but it wastes a bunch of your speed benefit from the stagger which means you might not get to another loop. Plus you need to fast vault out the high window else it wont work. So enjoy using lithe thinking it will replace balanced landing.

    I am not sure if you fully thought your comment out. Again balanced landing is more situational but way more safe.

  • Lazerboy88Lazerboy88 Member Posts: 517

    BL needed a nerf or rework, shouldnt see survivors running dead hard and BL two exhaustion perks, one just for the passive stagger, plus BL creates problems with alot of maps and the devs have to make loops while making sure balance doesn’t make it broken, some infinites are bound to slip in

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    You the most biased person in this thread. You are complaining about a perk that was constantly abused and now it is fixed. If you do not like it there are other perks to choose from. You are just being salty because you lost your primary perk.

  • sailormarssailormars Member Posts: 116

    See, you claim to be knowledgeable about the game and yet for lame reason you don't realize that Haddonfield is the strongest survivor map even without BL. So many places to break chase, so many long fences with windows, super safe pallets in multiple locations with windows right next to them, etc.

    Okay, so 2 loops are game changing? The point of a perk is to provide a benefit. That's what BL does, but 2 loops out of 1 structure is not even close to broken or an infinite.

    And it depends because it doesn't matter which Pale Rose loop you're talking about, all are mindgameable. The small ship with the window is extremely easy to mindgame. The large logs with the window is also not an issue. The large ship with the 2 top windows can also be easily mind gamed. When they vault, go down the stairs and moonwalk backwsrds and they'll bump right into you. The ferry at the back of the boat makes it extremely difficult to see the killer through it. It'll very rarely not work.

    Okay so you just admitted they're not infinites? Your admitting that you're just complaining because a perk makes it harder for you as killer. You literally jsut said curdling the MD window without stagger will allow the survivor to get to another loop, when that's still gonna happen with the speed boost. Without the speed boost, that window is still ridiculously unsafe even with the stagger passive. As I said, you can literally just jump off the side and meet them at the bottom. The time it takes for them to vault a window and fall is more than enough time for you to make distance on them when they hit the ground without stagger. Git gud.

    Yes, I do play killer. I play Freddy and Billy and yes, I will. Because there is no map where BL is a huge issue if yoyre actually good except Haddonfield. I just mindgame them or chase them normally and get the down. It's really not hard.

    "Lashing out like a Baby" you mean defending a perk that didn't need nerfing? Lmao.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    Please don't revert Balanced Landing. This change only normalizes the perk. It makes it like every other exhaustion perk: can't be used while exhausted.

    On top of this, the areas on the map where it can be abused are a hell of a lot harder to fix than just making Balanced Landing behave like an actual exhaustion perk.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 568

    He did fully thought his comment but you did not see past that thnking you have where survivors always have to drop from somwhere. All he said is he will create the same distance on a ground loop with lithe and just ignore the drops and the effect will be similar with only difference places like Hawlkins will become even worse and their loops totaly unusable because they are unsafe for non BL users. But atleast you agreed that the perk is situational - that is something.. I just cant follow your logic - it is like you have a problem that a survivor can make it from one place to another loop with BL and that makes the perk op ? And then even if they fix the maps the survivor will still make it to that next loop safely ? I think even the devs wll be confused here cause that is what survivores are supposed to do in general otherwise chases would end on the first loop. No offense for me it sounds like you have some "I am getting looped and I don't know what do to" issues ...that have nothing to do with BL

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,611

    Balance landing was the only exhaustion perk with something extra, and I am glad it's gone, imagine if you had another passive with the other exhaustion perks, it would be really op

    Sprint burst= faster running

    Lithe=allways fast vaults

    head on=don't make noises getting inside lockers

    this are just examples, but the point still stands that exhaustion perks shouldn't have extra stuff

  • PandaChrisPandaChris Member Posts: 100

    Can you put paragraphs in there and add some periods. It seems you are missing the whole point of the conversation.

    The conversation was about "Why would I use Balanced Landing there if Lithe would do the exact same thing in the exact same scenario?" not "Why would i use Balanced Landing if i can just use Lithe for a speed burst".

    Balanced Landing is an Exhaustion perk that removes stagger and gives a speed burst from dropping from high places. The point i was making is Lithe won't do the exact same thing in the same scenario where Balance Landing would be used.

    For example. Lithe cannot be used in the exact same scenario where the survivor drops from a hill or a ledge. Lithe isn't as effective in the exact same scenario as Balanced Landing when vaulting from a high window because Lithe doesn't have stagger prevention and you need to fast vault.

    This is the whole point of my comment that Balanced Landing is still situational but pretty much guarantees the survivor is able to get to another loop.

    As for this comment "No offense for me it sounds like you have some "I am getting looped and I don't know what do to" issues ...that have nothing to do with BL". Balanced Landing was adjusted because it was creating infinites. It had nothing to do with killers "getting looped and not knowing what to do".

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 568

    Well that does make sense and sounds reasonable but you just mentioned the bad sides and never the good ones and what actually changed in general for the game. They did make it for pallets only but they actullaly buffed the effect for 50% stun reduction making it even better actually. There are currently only 2 other stuns in the game besides pallet stuns. And also super important when they made that change they adjusted the DS stun a bit before that where it actually feels fine when Enduring is no longer a thing. So yea they made it easier for them but they also made Enduring better in many ppl eyes including me while they also adjusted the problematic areas it affected to be stronger /aka the stun being LONGER to be worth/ ! Where is adjustment fot the all the unsafe loops when BL is gone ? Where is the buff that Enduring took in his base use ? They didnt even give BL a full 100% stagger reduction on cd ... They definately rushed this change without much of thinking here ...

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,052

    With the exception of SB, those perks should have passives; Lithe should make you vault faster (no more than 10%) and Head On should let you slowly vault into lockers 100% faster.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,611


    why should they?

    Remember that each perk must be multiplied by 4

    Soo just think of how powerfull a perk can be 4 times

    if you are alone yea thats fine, but there are 4 people that can use the same perk, then it becomes a problem

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 568

    But the new BL will still do that. The idea of BL is to give you speed from high places once. I don't see what is your problem is with that. People use that when the perk is not on cd just for that reason to get to a loop. The guarantee comes from the speed that the perk will retain. The Stagger effect is used when you want to loop a single place multiple times and like we said for million times these are the places they have to fix. Lithe is not going to be effective when you drop from somewhere at all , but BL will be also completely useless when you can't drop from anywhere which happens quite often now because many maps lack good spots for that

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,345

    Doesn't BL now also suppress the noise a survivor makes when dropping down? So, it now it gives speed and stealth?

    Maybe a 100% stagger reduction would be a good change, since it's no longer a passive effect. I'm not against giving BL a buff to compensate. I'm just saying that the constant stagger reduction was the problem part, not the speed burst, which is why any perk with a constant stagger reduction would go against what the devs are trying to accomplish.

    Also, I may be wrong about this, but I think the devs are trying to cut down on the number of safe loops and increase the number of unsafe loops, because the game was designed with shorter chases and less pallet conservation in mind.

  • PandaChrisPandaChris Member Posts: 100

    I dont have a problem with the new BL.

    "The Stagger effect is used when you want to loop a single place multiple times and like we said for million times these are the places they have to fix"

    So, they either change balance landing like they did so a survivor cant loop a single place multiple times over and over.

    Or they rework the maps so the survivor cant loop a single place multiple times over and over.

    The result is the same.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065
    edited November 2019

    You don't have to get a fast fault. I've gotten Lithe several times with medium vaults(You literally just have to be holding run while going through a window and Lithe activates. You might take a hit with a medium vault if they're close, but Lithe does activate on medium vaults if you're holding run), and my point was that you can completely ignore those areas. Do you NEED to fast vault out a window from a higher ledge? No, because there are only around 3 generators in higher up areas. Do you NEED to climb a hill to BL off of it? Not if you used Lithe out a nearby window to get to the next loop instead of taking the extra time running up a hill to use BL. Do you NEED to climb any stairs at all to use BL anymore to use what are now BAD loops? No, because Lithe exists and there's a window on the bottom floor of near every area where you would normally use BL to climb stairs and create a loop out of an upstairs area.

    I'm not saying Lithe has the same scenarios as BL, I'm saying that those BL situations where you ARE higher up CAN BE COMPLETELY AVOIDED with Lithe if ALL you're using BL for is to get to the next loop, because you don't HAVE to go upstairs to get to the next loop with Lithe. The only thing this change will do for BL is make it so that it can be used in the scenario you HAPPEN to be upstairs in one of the rooms with one of like 3 or 4 gens that are upstairs, and nothing else.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 461

    Well not exactly. It existing as it does also limits the potential for creating interesting multi-level maps, because they'd have to balance every map around the potential of BL, which hurts people who don't use it, making BL an almost necessary perk.

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