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When People Complain About Being Slugged For A 4K



  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    It does not matter how you try an say it Dwight, it's spiteful gameplay. You are slugging to stop someone having a fair chance.

    I don't think killers are more spiteful than survivors, both can be spiteful.

    However doing gens is not really stopping a killer having a fair chance. Also both killers and survivors run powerful perks. Let's not derail.

    It's not spiteful to get 4k at all if you got it in a fair way. It's like when a survivor is being spiteful by DCing when a killer finds the hatch first and closes it. I'm not picking sides here, let's not turn this into yet another killer gameplay vs survivor gameplay argument.

  • SammehStormbornSammehStormborn Member Posts: 120

    think of it this way. That survivor who’s left outlived the other survivors... the ones who couldn’t evade you or do anything constructive to help in the survival of everyone, the remaining survivor has done their bit, evaded you and tried to do their best... so by hooking the third instead of slugging, you give them the chance to either a) go for the save and continue doing their bit or b) get caught and you earn that right to deny the hatch; regardless - you might find it first anyway.

    I’m a killer main btw, before I get responses that I’m a survivor main ;) just food for thought.

    Purple ranks I can still get merciless letting someone live (if they’re on death hook), & red ranks it’s still at least 1. You’ll always pip & rank as long as you’re efficient.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    No, see, it's not spiteful or unfair. You're only saying it is, which is an attempt to control how one side plays through peer pressure.

    'Only spiteful, mean, bad killers slug! You don't want to be a bad Killer!'

    'Only spiteful Survivors use Head On to stun Killers! You don't want to be a spiteful Survivor!'

    For something to be spiteful, there has to be intent to be mean. Just trying to get that 4K? You suspect Survivor 4 found the hatch, so you slug Survivor 3? THESE ARE NOT SPITEFUL.

    You're giving slugging a negative connotation simply to control how people view it and thus control how Killers play.

    So again; slugging to get a 4K is not spiteful. Or mean. Or unfair. Or any other bullcrap word you want to add to it.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297
    edited November 2019

    To me it's the equivalent of the killer getting zero kills before all gens are done but as they are all running out the gate it shuts close blocking the last guy from leaving and the hatch spawns for an equal chance of kill or escape.

    That would be a stupid scenario to have. If they got all the gens done and would've escaped I had my chance and lost, they earned that escape. That scenario would be giving me a freebie I didn't earn and I wouldn't expect it. That scenario is what the survivors currently have.

    Should I get that scenario as a killer because I "tried my best"? I personally don't think so.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    I'm not trying to control anything Dwight. I even said in my first post here if you want to play like that, so be it. But yes, yes it's spiteful gameplay.

    It's spiteful because you are only doing it for personal gain, you are going to spite someone else to get what you want. That is being spiteful.

    It does not matter if you think number 4 found the hatch, if they did, they did so fairly. In the process of being spiteful to number 4, you left number 3 on the floor helpless. They can't move on to the next match, unless they dc. You are being spiteful to both players. Yet you want to try and justify it.

    No one is saying you can't play the game how you choose, but the fact remains the same it's spiteful gameplay.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156



    1. a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone.


    1. deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend (someone).

    Look at that; trying to win is not being spiteful. Unless you consider losing hurtful. In which case; why are you playing PvP games?

    Slugging to win is not spiteful. Slugging to deliberately anger someone is. But just doing it to try for the 4K is not. So stop.

    Stop trying to pretend you're some understanding guy 'I know you play badly, and you're allowed too, but you must know that you ARE playing badly!'

    It's a freaking joke meant to shame Killers and make you look oh so understanding.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 509

    This to be honest; it’s a stand off between 2 players who don’t want to back down, unfortunately at the detriment of the downed player.

    At least with the bleed out timer it’s just a stale mate and not a hostage situation.

    As survivor I mostly rank up even if I die so I won’t drag the game out and try to get another chase instead; it’s more fun and escaping through the hatch means very little in the grand scheme of things.

  • SammehStormbornSammehStormborn Member Posts: 120

    I know you aren’t completely, but it’s basically a killer running NOED in that scenario and then blood warden - he “hadn’t earned it”, but then slugs everyone with it because no one can escape and gets the kills because he used a one shot perk at the end. Which I have seen happen in YT videos, and might’ve happened when I’ve played survivor, but not so successfully for the killer - it works both ways, right?

    there’s always going to be arguments for both sides, sometimes slugging and not letting someone get the hatch is valid, for different reasons, but not alway necessary or doesn’t mean the remaining survivor hasn’t earned it. Sometimes a killer using NOED doesn’t mean they haven’t worked hard through the entire match (I’m not a fan of it personally, but if a killer wants to use it... they can knock themselves out)... etc, etc.

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624

    Slugging for the 4k is the biggest waste of time left in DBD. The difference between a 3k and a 4k usually won't be a deal-breaker on pipping or not, and the points for 1 extra hook is marginal.

    Usually it just ends up wasting 4 minutes and then progressing to a normal hatch game, or the slugged survivor griefs their teammate by giving away their location.

    Survivors should be able to bleed themselves out on the ground, similar to killing themselves on hook, to prevent this.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    Umm, I think you need to go back to Google and put in spiteful not just spite.

    Slugging someone to stop someone else getting a fair chance is spiteful. It's not just trying to win. You are denying someone a fair chance for your own personal gain. You are also stopping another from moving on to another match, the guy on the floor.

    The fact remains the same, it's spiteful gameplay.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,241
    edited November 2019

    The hatch is not meant to be a 50/50.

    The hatch is meant to avoid a stale mate, where the last survivor keeps on hiding instead of trying to do generators, and the killer can't find him.

    It is very much so that Devs even changed the mechanic so that the last survivor always gets the hatch to spawn - you don't need any generators done anymore.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    A 'fair chance'? So I'm supposed to LET them get the hatch by hooking the Survivor so he can kill himself?

    There's that Survivor-biased narrative showing itself; Killers have to give Survivors every chance to escape or they are spiteful.

    But Thrrun says it's OKAY to be spiteful, just feel ashamed of it when you do.

    Funny how Survivors don't have to give Killers every chance to down & hook them. Nope. Only works one day. Only Killers can be spiteful. Not giving everyone a 'fair chance' is spiteful.

    You're exactly the type of person I was parodying. Grats on proving my point.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    Yes the hatch stops the game being taken hostage. However it is meant to be a 50/50 chance for both killer and survivor. If it was not the case once number 3 died the game would start EGC without hatch at all.


  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,241
    edited November 2019

    50/50 means that you have equal probability to get the hatch.

    In fact, if hatch already spawned and the killer go and search around the map, the survivor has 0% probability to get it.

    Even if it doesn't spawn before the last survivor dies, the killer has still higher probability to find it just because of speed.

    In other words: no, it's not a 50/50 mechanic, not from a deliberate stand point, not from a side effect either ^^

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    Dwight, I think we should agree to disagree at this point and move on.

    I have already said I know both sides can be spiteful to the other side. This discussion is just going nowhere at this point.

    I stand by what I said. You stand by what you said. Let's leave it there. :)

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    Except in that scenario you are talking about him wasting 2 perk slots on it, the survivors are getting it for free. I also do not like NOED however anyway, I think it gives undeserved kills.

    "Slugging someone to stop someone else getting a fair chance is spiteful"

    They are not being slugged to prevent a fair chance. They are being slugged to prevent an unfair chance. They already had their chance with 4 survivors to do 5 gens. Expecting another free chance is entitlement.

    "You are also stopping another from moving on to another match, the guy on the floor."

    Slugging is not stopping anyone from moving on to another match. What is stopping them from moving on is not saving their teammate or doing a gen and just hiding till they die.

    "The fact remains the same, it's spiteful gameplay."

    It is not spiteful in the least. That is entitlement.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,241
    edited November 2019

    Let's try this version:

    Letting your team mate die on hook or on the ground while you hide waiting for the hatch is spiteful. It's not just trying to win. You are denying someone a fair chance for your own personal gain. You are also stopping another from moving on to another match, the killer.

    The fact remains the same, it's spiteful gameplay.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,869

    It is in no way spiteful.

    As a killer if I want to secure emblems maybe for an achievement maybe for the challenges I'm going to play the most efficient way to get there betting on a 50/50 percent chance is not efficient.

    Even though I find it annoying if a survivor uses a key I don't consider it spiteful. Using a key gives them the highest probability to escape rather than trying to risk gens it's a 2-man situation for example.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    How would the killer know it spawned, yet the survivor not? If the killer happened to find it, that's fair. However if it's not open, what can be done.

    Likewise if a survivor finds it first, but it's not open yet. What matters is when it opens who finds/gets to it first.

    I agree.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    It is spiteful gameplay. If you slug number 3 to stop number 4 getting a chance at the hatch.

    It does not matter the reason you do it, it's a spiteful thing todo. You yourself know you are doing it to stop them getting the hatch.

    Again I will repeat, play the game how you want. But the fact remains the same it's spiteful gameplay.

    Again I will say, both sides can be spiteful. Spiteful gameplay is not limited to only killers.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,869

    Implying it spiteful it means that you did it specifically to go against the survivor however my emblem system doesn't give two craps about a 50/50 percent chance for the survivor.

    If the 4th survivor is not dead I don't get my iridescent I don't gain bonus points because I gave the last survivor a chance.

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    Sorry Blue, I only just read you post, was not ignoring it.

    The game puts the hatch in to give 50/50.

    You are the one who feels entitled to take that chance away. That's not how the game is meant to be or the hatch would not be in the game. Once number 3 died EGC would start. The same way it does when you close the hatch.

    I am not entitled at all. It's not me who feels I have a right to crap on someone's chance. If you find the hatch and close it that's fair game. However slugging to stop it opening and risking number 4 getting there first is spiteful.

    Once it's closed the survivor has to open the gates, without being found. If they are found, fair game. Not every game is perfect so it's unfair to say they already had enough chances but you somehow feel entitled todo so. And then don't like it being called out for what it is, spiteful.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,241


    How would the killer know it spawned, yet the survivor not? If the killer happened to find it, that's fair. However if it's not open, what can be done. 

    The hatch spawns when the number of generators done are equal to the survivors alive plus one.

    When two survivors are still alive, if 3 generators are done the hatch spawns, it's just closed.

    Likewise if a survivor finds it first, but it's not open yet. What matters is when it opens who finds/gets to it first.

    Until it opens it doesn't matter if the survivor knows where it is - if the killer finds it he can just hook the third survivor and camp the hatch to close it.

    I agree.

    If you agree on this, then you should also agree that a killer that tries to prevent this situation is not being spiteful.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,267

    Your posts about "spiteful gameplay" have provided me with the most laughs I've ever had since joining this forum.

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 717

    I just find it kinda funny tbh, that a killer finds it so important to make a game maybe 5-10 minutes longer just for 1 kill/ 300 bloodpoints base

    Personally I just kill 3rd survivor, and last survivor gets hatch or doesn’t, idc, I can go to the next game

  • ThrrunThrrun Member Posts: 39

    Well if we are going down that road, then what about a survivors emblem? The one for escaping?

    You are slugging number 3 to stop number 4. It's spiteful but does that mean you can't do it? No.

    I never tried to say you can't do it, for whatever reason you want to. What I did do is point out it's spiteful gameplay. I stand by that. :)

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,267

    But...but....what about those SPITEFUL SURVIVORS denying killers their Gatekeeper emblem by doing gens?!

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297
    edited November 2019

    "You are the one who feels entitled to take that chance away. That's not how the game is meant to be or the hatch would not be in the game"

    You are missing the entire point. No one has said that wasn't how the game was meant to be. We are giving reasons why it should be changed. Also, just because something is in the game currently doesn't mean it's not bad and should be changed. I mean literally if that was the case why would the devs ever have patches changing anything about the game?

    You are saying the hatch is fair because it's a 50/50. However, it is a 50/50 AFTER the survivors have already LOST. Should the last survivor to escape out the gates be blocked for a 50/50 chance in my scenario I presented? After all it's a 50/50, that's fair right? Expecting a hatch after you lost the game is extremely entitled.

    ". If you find the hatch and close it that's fair game. However slugging to stop it opening and risking number 4 getting there first is spiteful."

    I don't see how you can't see the very flawed rational in this. It isn't spiteful, you are being entitled in this scenario.

    What do you think of the scenario I presented about the gate blocking the last survivor? That is literally exactly what the survivors currently have. By your logic that is fair.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 5,771

    at first when endgame collapse got added I slugged for the 4k but at this point who cares about 4ks anymore i most always just kill the third dude and if they find the hatch then no biggie

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