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Why Should Dedicated Servers Reward Bad Ping?

My ping is bloody well only 54ms. Survivors and Killers I play against say there's are usually around 100-200ms, yet they get away with the weirdest and most inconsistent hit boxes, and I suffer all the time.

If a Huntress throws a hatchet at me, it's a beachball. If I do it, doesn't count half the time if it goes THROUGH THEM.

If they vault, I hit the object instead of them when they're STILL IN THE VAULT. If I vault, nope! I get hit if I'm already in control of my character again and running away.

If they grab me from an item, that's totally fair. If I try to grab, nope they somehow cancel the action after I already grabbed them and they run off while I'm stunned for roughly 2-3 seconds.

Why do Dedicated Servers punish those with better ping and reward those with bad ping? Why? It makes no absolutely sense. Other multiplayer games don't do this. Ever. I mean I paid good money for my gaming PC and continue to pay good money for my 5G internet server. That's the fastest internet service there is in NA right now. So why am I being punished for having GOOD ping?

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