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Oblivious is not the problem with Legion

Oblivious is not the problem with Legion, Deep Wound is. The mechanic was nerfed into the realm of being completely useless with Legion 2.0. Before Legion 2.0, the status killed people too fast and with too little counterplay.

I propose a solution to Deep Wound. Have the meter take 60 seconds to drain and automatically be removed from the survivor 120 seconds after being inflicted. Do not have the timer pause ever, except while mending. Instead of removing the status, mending will fill the meter back up slowly (12 seconds to completely fill it back up from 0. For every 1 second of mending, 5 seconds will be replenished.) Being hit again with frenzy will reduce the meter by 10 seconds(1/6th of a down, or 2 seconds of mending), or 15 seconds (1/4th of a down or 3 seconds of mending) with Frank's Mixtape.

All the survivor has to do is mend for a second or two every once in a while while being chased and they will not be downed. After 2 minutes, the status will just go away on its own. This way you have to manage it over time rather than just sit there holding the action key until a progress bar fills up. This is much more manageable for survivors than 1.0 or 2.0 Legion ever was, but still makes Deep Wound much more viable as a way to down people.

Also please bring Legion back down to 110% speed and 125% speed when it frenzy. With the Deep Wound change this would help guve survivors a little breathing room to replenish their DW meter against less skilled Legions.


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