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Chapter XY Tears of The Ungrateful

Stealthbomb95Stealthbomb95 Member Posts: 36
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The new killer the Mistress. A killer who once had a perfect life before it was shattered to pieces by one fellow partner in whom she trusted.

Power: Choral for the dead

The Mistress pulls out a music box which takes 5s to activate. once activated she breaks the box which replaces her terror radius with a tune that brought here death. this will last for 90s. When activated any survivor that stays in the terror radius for 30s will be put into the 1 out of 2 states.

The first state: Your vision goes blurry for 3s and any action performed is reduced by 3%

Second state: you now begin to cry. Scratch marks will be replaced with tears that the Mistress will be able to track. Only the Mistress will be able to hear your sobs but any survivor who is near you may attempt to break you free from the curse. this process will take 15s. while crying you are very vulnerable to attacks as the Mistress will be able to track you sorrow down. (you will be permanently in state unless you break out)


3 new perks are added to help the Mistress catch survivors off guard.

Suppressed terror

your terror radius warning (heart beat) is reduced by 5% / 10% / 15%. this perk does affect terror radius perks.

Silenced Suffering

injuring or putting a survivor a survivor into the dying state will not alert other survivors or change their in-game icon. but when that specific survivor is hooked all survivors will be alerted. This perk has a minute cool down.

Pains power

At the start of the trial you have 0 tokens. every time you hit a survivor you gain a token up to 4 max. Each token will increase the efficiency of your power and add-ons by 2% each. this will be divided equally for each add-on, and your power.

Please give me feedback to improve this and if this gets enough good reviews and likes i'll start working on the survivor and try to make a backstory for both of them. THANK YOU so much for the help.

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  • UxoricideUxoricide Member Posts: 218

    @Stealthbomb95 I like the concept and feel like you could play around with the perks more if her backstory is that she got heartbroken. E.g silence could be called suffer in silence, silence could be called isolation and pains power to pain is power or catharsis (as she unleashes her rage)

    Maybe she could be able to track tears when survivors are in stage two, so track marks turn into rain instead or something.

    Just some thoughts, obviously entirely up to you :)

  • UxoricideUxoricide Member Posts: 218

    P.s I would change to a more confident title of this post as well since you put some thought into this

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